Easy tomato tartlet

Lunch time here at the weekend tends to be a very simple affair, generally not much more than a sandwich, however it’s always nice to have something to hand that can be quickly rustled up but which looks a bit more fancier than it is.

A couple of days ago I made a few of the pastry tartlets for small Homity Pies, and had a couple left over.  I often grill vegetables to add to a salad for lunch and thought they’d work well tipped into a pastry base with a little goats cheese.


quick tomato tart 002


I used my Homity Pie pastry recipe, baked the pastry for 5 minutes with baking beans in the centre of the tart, and 15 minutes or so to finish at gas 7, then allowed it to cool completely before putting into an airtight tin (the sort I’d normally use to store a cake or biscuits)


quick tomato tart 005


I’ve made a little tray from some baking foil, then chopped up a couple of small cherry tomatoes and some goats cheese.  Then I’ve given sprinkled over a little sea salt, a little black pepper and poured over a glug of olive oil.  Then I put this under a hot grill for about 5 minutes or so.



quick tomato tart 007


Then it’s just a case of tipping the tomatoes and cheese into the tartlet and tearing up a leaf of basil, serve with a big green salad.

Any roast vegetables would work well, the goats cheese and oil help to keep the ingredients a little.


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