A blue woodland……..

through the trees


On Friday I wrote about our walk up to the UEA…it’s a bit of a trek so we only do it when we’re feeling particularly energetic, however this time of year it’s always so beautiful and there’s a real treat once we enter the woods….most of the walk we were surrounded by the brightest sun-shiney flowers, dandelions, buttercups, marsh marigolds and the most vivid yellow tree bark……and then we saw the bluebells…..


a bank of bluebells


The colour is incredible, in fact after a while my eyes almost ache from seeing so much blue.


the scent of blue is overwhelming


The very air itself is heady with the scent, and it makes me feel sleepy, I always find this shade of blue particularly soporific….


a sea of bluebells


We walked up here last year so while I knew what to expect I still found myself surprised by the abundance of blue flowers….it’s quite overwhelming to just stand or sit, surrounded by blue as far as your eye can see…….


the air is a haze of blue


There’s pathways through the flowers so you can walk right though wide swathes of blue blossoms, the scent intoxicating and making me feel drowsy…..


as far as the eye can see


It feels like a fairy tale, where you’re waiting for something magical to happen, any minute a wolf or witch, a talking bird or a house on chicken legs suddenly appearing…..as far as I’m concerned this is one of the most beautiful places on earth….


bluebells and nettles


Everything is so lush and so full of energy….new leaves on the trees, big banks of dark green nettles, some waist high already and it’s not yet Summer…..




Everywhere it’s the same soft and intense blue….from a distance it’s a haze, an artists smear of pigment along the bottom of a canvas…..breath taking every time I come here.


bluebell bliss


I’m sure there’s even more flowers than when we walked up here last year…it’s just incredible, the bluebells seem to go on forever…..


gnarly tree bark and bluebells


I love the gnarliness of the tree bark next to the soft blue flowers…..blue blue blue….even my wardrobe has felt it’s pull this week, I’ve been wearing blue dresses and green cardigans and now long for a pair of shoes or boots this exact intense shade.


in the bluebell wood


Whenever we go for a walk I take some folded pages of blotting paper and carefully snip blossom tips, pressing them between the leaves, fastening them with fat elastic bands ….the window sill in my workroom is cluttered now with little stacks of papers, slowly drying flowers hidden amongst them.


sunlight and shadows in the bluebell wood


Looking at the blossoms always gives me new ideas for embroideries and in a round about way this has inspired me with planning my workshops at Glory Days in Holt….Ruth asked if I’d like to teach some this Summer (I’d already taught a couple of patch-working ones when she had her shop in Norwich) and initially I was wondering what I could teach…

I don’t have a car so travelling by bus with a sewing machine wasn’t really appealing…but then after looking back through some sketchbooks and journals jotted with some of last years walks and meanders over the marshes and through the woods, I began to think about a botanical embroidery workshop…hand made stitches inspired by delicate wild flower blossoms.

The workshops will be held over the Summer at Ruth’s shop Glory Days which is in the North Norfolk town of Holt (her shop is conveniently near The Folly Tearoom) …exact dates are still to be confirmed but I’ll be able to post those details in the next couple of weeks.