A day trip to Bungay

a day trip to bungay 004


On Monday I had a little day trip to Bungay to see a couple of very dear friends and also to purchase a few haberdashery items I’d become low on.

First up was a pop into Wightmans which is a lovely shop, it’s what is called a traditional store and by that I mean the staff are nice and friendly and they seem to stock a little bit of everything.  They have a nice selection of velvet ribbon and pom-pom trimmings which I was running short on (I use them for my  Christmas Stockings)…and I also picked up some green darning wool to mend my socks (not just any socks but hand knitted ones by Anne the queen of knitting….I’ve worn them half to death and the bottoms are becoming somewhat threadbare).



( picture is copyright Ruby Tuesday)


One of my favourite vintage stalls from Norwich Market, the lovely Ruby Tuesday has now moved to Bungay to a proper shop.   So had a little browse in there and it was vintage heaven.  Full of very swishy frocks,  vintage knitted woolies, (including a smashing selection of knitted tank tops which are always my favourite) and some lovely tweed jackets.  Along with the clothes there were some other vintage pieces on sale (there was a beautiful little red flask and some really nice pieces of china).  There was lots that I could very easily have bought, however, this close to holiday shopping and numerous family birthdays I had to be very good….however after Christmas….it may well be another story!  They also sell vouchers which is particularly handy if any of my family is stuck what to buy me as a present this year!


fabric bungay 004


After sewing the quilt for Miss Olive I needed to top up the fabric collection, and so bought some 1930’s inspired fabrics from Sew and So’s.  I really like the fabric with the little houses,  and then couldn’t decide whether I preferred the blue or purple flowers….so went for both.  I only really ever buy fat quarters (which for ages I thought were called fat quilters) so I wasn’t really going too crazy.


fabric bungay 006


The fabric in the middle is one of my all time favourites and have bought it before in green , in purple, and in this salmon pink.  However I only had a teeny bit left in the salmon so while they had it I bought it.  The yellow gingham is also a favourite and have been buying a variation of this fabric for over a decade.  It never fails to raise a smile with it’s cheery colour.  If a fabric could sing then this one would whistle as well.  Finally, I then saw the red floral fabric and couldn’t resist.   The colour is brilliant, a proper orangey red which reminds me of a Yardley lipstick my Nanny used to wear.  The print is a little larger than I normally like to use but I loved the colour so much.

I bought the lovely yellow roses from one of Bungay’s numerous charity shops…I think there are now 5 or 6 charity shops all within a few minutes walk (some are almost next door to each other).  These were sitting looking rather dejected and I almost passed them by but then I remembered the nice vase I’d bought which although pretty couldn’t be used for real flowers (tried it….and flooded the table as vase has a massive crack along the bottom so not waterproof!) and thought they’d look perfect together…

The rest of the time was spent in drinking lots of tea and eating lots of biscuits) including pink wafers which are my favourites….I don’t buy them very often because I can wolf down a whole packet without realising what I have done) and spending some time with two of my favourite ladies.

I also had my crochet bag, which was full of my Jamieson’s wool purchase and spent the bus journey crocheting little leaves ready to sew up in to flower posy brooches.  My Christmas craft fairs are less than two weeks away so any spare time is spent sewing and crocheting.