A fruity semi-freddo…….

wild cherriesThere’s been a big improvement in the weather this week and it finally feels warm enough for an ice-creamy type pudding…..one of the easiest chilled puddings we like to eat in the Summer is a semi-fredo, especially when we flavour it with fruit from the garden….sadly it’s still a bit early for our raspberries but  a poke about in the back of our freezer has found a little tub of a cherry compote that I made last year with some foraged cherries…..

In the past I’ve used the cherry compote to make a very grown up tasting cherry ripple ice-cream (served with a trickle of dark chocolate sauce…. but I think crisp buttery biscuits would have been nice as well.

fragrant elderflower blossomsAlong with the cherry compote I also found a little tub with a gooseberry and elderflower compote inside and I’m wondering whether to try that in more of a possety pudding for mid-week.

The elderflowers have been a bit slow here this year but I noticed quite a lot of cloudy white billows out yesterday so I guess the week of sun-shine has helped them come on…..fingers crossed if it’s nice tomorrow we’ll head out with a basket and walking stick (helps me reach some of those higher up blossom heads)….

Semi Freddo is really easy to make, however this recipe does use raw eggs so it’s not suitable for children or anyone pregnant..

We buy all our eggs from Folland’s Organics on Norwich market, the eggs there are amazing and well worth the money, if you keep chickens or ducks yourself then your pudding is going to taste out of this world….I’ve wrote my recipe on here before, but this is a scaled down version if you don’t have a whole lot of freezer room.

unwaxed lemonsSemi-Freddo (enough for 4 pudding loving people, or 6 if you just like a taste)


2 large organic eggs (separate the whites from the yolks)

350ml double cream

25 grammes of vanilla sugar

vanilla pod/fruit compote/lemon curd……

2 small loaf tins


Line the two loaf tins with clingfilm.

Beat the egg yolks and the sugar together until they become airy and pale in colour.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they form stiff peaks.

Whisk the cream until it just forms a soft cloud.

Carefully add half the whipped egg whites and whipped cream into the egg yolks and sugar….and once that has only just come together, gently mix in the remaining half along with the flavouring…( I prefer to put in my flavouring now whether it’s a fruit compote, a couple of big spoons of very sharp lemon curd, a dollop of caramel syrup…….adding it now means the semi-freddo is lovely and rippled)…..sometimes I just use a vanilla bean if I’m serving the semi-freddo with fruit, and then I’ll scrape the tiny seeds out and add them to the egg yolks as I beat them with the sugar.

Gently spoon out the mixture and divide it between the loaf tins, tuck all the clingfilm over the mixture and allow it a few hours to freeze.  I tend to make it in the morning so it has all day in there.

You can take it out of the freezer about 15 minutes before you want to eat it, just leave it out on the side, but I prefer to take it out an hour before hand and then leave it on a shelf in the fridge….turn the loaf tins upside down and it should slide out fine….cut and serve with a drizzle of any remaining compote and some crisp biscuits or fruit.

(you can also freeze it in little silicion loaf tins which work very well too.)




Super Easy Semi-Freddo

I decided to make some Semi-freddo on Tuesday.  It was really warm outside and after a bad night’s sleep (see previous post) I felt we deserved a nice pudding.

A couple of days earlier  I’d found a bottle of  caramel syrup in the cupboard that needed to be used up  (I’d bought it for pancakes but it got a thumbs down…. someone is a strictly Maple syrup man) .   Anyway I was really pleased with the results,  it tasted very similar to Butterscotch Angel Delight, but a more refined grown up version.   (Because it is made with raw eggs I don’t recommend it given to children…. but then it is a bit too nice to be sharing).  We had it  with some massive strawberries and it was fantastic (didn’t take photos as I was too busy eating it)  This is the recipe, though I must warn you it creates quite a lot of washing up  but the taste is definitely worth it…….

Semi-Freddo with Caramel Syrup

500 ml double cream

5 medium size eggs (or 4 large ones)

50 g caster sugar

vanilla pod

pinch of salt

caramel syrup


Separate the eggs, so the yolks are in one bowl and the whites are in another bowl.  Add the caster sugar to the egg yolks and whisk until the mixture turns pale.  In bowl three  (I did say there was a lot of washing up) gently whip the cream so it becomes soft and billowy.  Add the pinch of salt to the egg whites and whisk until the whites form stiff peaks.

Put some of the caramel syrup into the yolk and sugar mixture,  I used a couple of tablespoons but it depends how strong you like it and the brand you are using.  Give it a  stir until it is mixed in, then carefully add the cream, gently stir and then finally stir in the egg whites.  You need to be quite gentle as you don’t want to stir the air out.

Pour the mixture into small containers and then cover and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Take it out of the freezer and leave in the fridge about 15 minutes before you want to serve it.

I used smallish Tupperware style containers that held about 2 servings each (this makes between 8 and 10 servings…. it depends how hungry you are, but it is quite rich)

You can also put this in a cling-film lined loaf tin and then slice it.

(I used a hand held whisk to make this, if you have lots of bowls you could use a Kitchen Aid but I think that would make even more washing up)

I’m thinking next time I make it to use lemon-curd as I love lemon based desserts and think it would be really good while it is so hot and muggy.