feeling the burn…….

About 5 weeks ago I decided that I really needed to take some regular exercise, there are some skirts hanging in my wardrobe that seem to have shrunk and I just can’t fit in to them anymore.   I’ve never been particularly keen on exercise and keep-fit but I realise that hours spent sitting sewing and quilting has made me all wobbly.

A couple of years ago I bought a Mr Motivator exercise dvd on the recommendation of my friend Ruth (she does a 15 minute workout every morning and just looks fantastic, she’s so toned and incredibly supple.)  Anyway, I did the first warm-up and decided that I then needed a lay down on the sofa with a cup of tea and a biscuit as I was all pooped out.  And that was that.

Fast forward two years……I found the rather dusty dvd box and put it on.  Day One, I managed the warm-up and did half the set of arm exercises before collapsing in a sweaty heap on the carpet.  I have kept doing it, and have even bought a pair of sweat pants (I look somewhat like a reject from Fame….in my head I’m Coco but in reality I’m more of a Doris!)…. and you know, I am actually  enjoying it.  Today I’ve done a set of seven work-out routines followed by a set of stretches.  I’m not sure if I can notice a big difference physically (and those skirts still aren’t fitting) but I am enjoying doing it.

I’ve also found the original Jane Fonda workout (for beginners) on you-tube, attempted it and then spent a whole weekend trying to recover.  I used to do this pretty easily when I was a teenager with my younger sisters…FOR FUN!  All I can say is we lived in a small village and there wasn’t a whole lot to do….  I think I need to get fitter before I dare attempt the Jane Fonda again, and I definitely need some leg-warmers as all the people in her workout are wearing them and they may help me manage some of those moves.