Corn and beans patchwork ……

corn beans and triplets 008


In between various other sewing projects this week, I’ve managed to fit in sewing up another two little mini blocks for my dear ethel quilt. Using up some of the last pieces of one of my all time favourite fabrics (which started life as a “dutty” old tattered 20p at the car boot pillowcase) I’ve just finished piecing this little block which is called Corn and Beans, it’s also called Simple Design and Northwind (maybe a reference there to eating those beans!).  I know the fabrics are both very similar in tone but I thought the pink floral fabric just looked so pretty with the blue striped fabric.


corn beans and triplets 003


This block is called Triplet and I’ve used two Lecien fabrics.  I love using tiny floral prints and I think Lecien tend to make some of the prettiest ones I’ve seen.  This green fabric is another one of my “all time favourites” (of which there do seem to be a few) although it does fray a bit more than most of the other cottons, it’s lovely to sew and is so soft to handle.  I really do wish I’d bought more of it at the time, I rarely buy more than a fat quarter of any one fabric, finding a little of everything works better in my quilts than a lot of any one fabric…. but this is a fabric that owns my heart.


little bear quilt


One of the most basic things I love about quilts is the comfort and support they give, you can wrap them round you if you’re not feeling brilliant, they keep you warm and they are nice to cuddle.  If you’ve had one for a long time they almost become a friend.

Yesterday Kate Davies (one of my favourite knitwear designers) posted a piece about a young chap called Thomas and his amazing dog Potter. On August 3rd, Thomas’s mum Mairead is having a coffee morning and raffle to raise money for My Canine Companion, which is a charity that trains and provide service dogs to children with disabilities.  To be quite honest, it’s a charity I’d never heard of before. However, I read about their work and thought they sounded brilliant.  Although I’ve never had a dog, I can appreciate that these dogs are more than just a little bit special.  They don’t come cheap, it costs over E10,000 to train each one, but they make the whole world of difference to the children who they belong to.

If you’d like the opportunity to win a small “hand sewn everything” quilt* to wrap someone precious up in (and even better, to raise money  to help train another “magic” dog like Hairy Potter)  then please go to Mairead’s fundrasing page as I’m sending her one of my baby quilts to raffle off  (amongst some other very nice prizes she will be raffling an i-pod and a Kate Davies Peerie Flooers kit ) to help raise funds for My Canine Companion.  The tickets are just 5 euro’s each.

Her fundraising page is here.


*everything is handsewn, the patchwork, the quilting and the binding.




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