A stocking to raise a smile…..

pure wool fabric Christmas stockings

Just a very short little post….I’ve picked a name out for a personalized stocking….JanieB…..Janey, I’ll be getting in touch regarding a stocking for your dad….and as it’s nice to share out a little kindness especialy with all the horribleness going on in the world I’ll also be sending out stockings to Lumpywells and Sallysimonsartycrafty too…..ladies, can you both contact me via hello@erickaeckles with your addresses.


10 thoughts on “A stocking to raise a smile…..

      1. I’ve emailed you, but realised it wasnt the correct address as missed of the .com, so i had a nother go lol. Hopefully you’ve got it . many many thanks

  1. As I’ve already said in my email, I’m so excited that you will be sending one of your lovely stockings out for my dad! He will be thrilled. Thank you xx

  2. Wow the stocking arrived this morning and what a beauty it is. The wooly blanket used reminds me of the blankets i had on my bed as a child 😊 The embroidery stitches are so perfectly done with beautiful detailing and the French knots are so tiny! It has a lovely vintage 1940s look to it.
    Thank you again. I have wrapped it ready to post to my mum who I’m sure will be delighted.

    1. Lol, it is exactly like those blankets you’d have had when you were little, I think it’s one of the reasons they appeal so much to people, all those memories from when you’re small and also, who doesn’t like a stocking.
      You’ve made me right blush with all the nice compliments : )

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