Mister Podgy Paws grand day out…..

Guess who has pinched my shawl

I know there are a few ladies wondering how Bernard’s been of late (hello Beks, and also Daffodil Angel down there in Tasmania)… well we had a trip into town earlier in the week for coffee and to see the vet for a check up.  (and in case you’re wondering….yep, that’s my Shetland wool shawl I spent all that time a knitting he’s curled up on…..)

Bernard is really good about travelling into town, but he doesn’t like being in a carrier where he can’t see what’s going on…there’s lots of mewing and he gets all fretful so a few years ago I thought if I had him on a harness and lead I could take him out and have him sit on my lap and he much prefers that.  I still take him out of the house and on the bus in the carrier but once I’m sitting down, he comes out of that and sits on my lap where he’s happy as Larry.  He likes to have a look out of the window, he stares around at anyone else on the bus, glares at anyone getting on until they stop and coo over him, then he’ll blink and start being all silly (even laying on his back and wiggling those podgy paws for tummy rubs off total strangers)…..

podgy paws

It’s the same in town when we go for a coffee, we tend to visit the coffee stall on the market and then it’s out of the carrier and up on to my lap where he sprawls out and gently kneeds my lap with those velvety toes.  Sometimes he has a nap but mostly he just likes it when people stop and fuss him, coaxing and coasing while he revs up the purr motor to 11…and generally there is quite a lot of that.

Sadly he didn’t see his friend Celine (or Frenchy as I cheekily call her) but he met a new young lady who he took a proper shine to….. then my boyfriend met us and then he was happy to see “pappy” but was a bit miffed as he didn’t get fed any treats…..he’s quite safe when I take him out, he’s not going anywhere as he’s on the harness and we’re aware all the time of anyone with a dog as hes not over fond of them… I know my cat and he’s so chilled out, he’s a very relaxed chap and just likes to see what’s happening and to meet new people.

sun wriggling

Then to the vets where he sprawled out on my lap in the waiting room and half fell asleep while I did some knitting just like when we’re at home.  As soon as he’s in the case he mews and gets frightfully fretty but on my lap he’s so quiet, apart from some loud purring and the occasional snore when he’s particulary chilled out.

Our vet is called Chantelle and we love her, she’s nice and  friendly and you can tell she really loves animals.  Along with the check up we needed some booster jabs which Bernard did not care for at all and there may have been a few swears and air swipes with those paws when he had the first of the injections.  But before he’d gotten all grouchy Chantelle had checked his paws and gave me a real beam of a smile……she doesn’t expect the cancer to return so the Bernard has (fingers crossed, the all clear)….I’d sort of been holding my breath as we do paw check everyday, heart in mouth in case a little lump appears over night.  But he’s all looking good.  He’s lost a bit of weight but that might be the weather so we’re keeping an eye on that (weekly weigh ins at home to track what’s happening and we half suspect the cat next door may be sneaking in and sharing Bernard’s breakfast)…..

asleep in Autumn sunshine

By the time we got home we were both really tired and worn out (carrying the travelling case does really wear me out as it’s pretty heavy with him inside) and a handfull of snacks and a stretch out on the kitchen floor were required (that was for Bernard , I needed a nap on the sofa)…and of course as soon as the back door was opened, Ivy the cat from next door came trotting in, mewed at Bernard and then proceeded to give him lots of little kisses (she’s rather like Pepe le Pew in her attentions towards him) which made him look up at me and then with a loud sigh of resignation flop his head back down and just put up with her attentions.

Anyway, I wanted to share our good news and say how much everyone’s kind thoughts and Bernard love has meant to us.







16 thoughts on “Mister Podgy Paws grand day out…..

    1. Thanks Julia, he’s currently running in out of the rain just long enough to get a towelly rub down and then he’s back off out again…done this now about half a dozen times this afternoon and he thinks its the gretest lark!

    1. It’s more like taking him out for a sit down as all the walking is done by me (carrying the carrier)…he only comes out on the harness and lead once we sit down, but he doesn’t wriggle and really is as good as gold. He just loves getting all the fuss : )

    1. Hi Sally, thank you. Yeah it was such a relief to get good news. He’s a very content little cat and apart from the odd grump when the hoover comes out he’s pretty relaxed and purry most days : )

    1. Hi Sue, thank you….he’s all frizzied furred after numerous towel rubs from running in and out of the rain (he loves being outside when it’s raining…he is a very contrary cat) and I’ve just had to bring him downstairs after catching him all sprawled on the bed with vet damp little toes xx

  1. Well done Bernard….you are wonderful as are your human parents taking such loving care of you. Enjoy your weekend…best wishes from DA.

    1. Hi Janey,
      He’s full of beans and is currently outside chasing around with the little cat from next door but has spent the day asleep on the bed (boyfriend’s side so it’s a bit fluffy now that side) xx

  2. Oh, brilliant. I’m just so pleased to hear Bernard’s news. You’ve got one gorgeous kitty there. He must love going out on his lead and getting all that fuss and attention. He certainly looks irresistibly cuddly. The photo of him on your shawl is just gorgeous. Xx

    1. Thank you, yeah that was the best news to get. We don’t take him out on his lead though,he’s in his carry case but once we’re seated on the bus he’ll come out and the same again when we go for coffee. He just loves the fuss and attention he gets. HE’ll often just stare and blink at someone and then they notice him, come over and ask to fuss him then he does a littel prrrp noise before before purring and paddy pawing my lap. He hasn’t plucked it so I don’t mind him being on it too much, but I keep the other floatier shawls I made this Summer well out of his way xx

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