Quiet moments while the morning wakes……

crocheting shadows

Quiet moments outside while the morning is just starting to wake is one of my favourite times of the day.  Generally I’m up and out of bed by six, even at a weekend*, I head downstairs and put the kettle on to make tea then I sit for a while on the back door step or get out a small table and chair that we keep in the garage, and make myself comfy and hoof up a rather weighty never ending project onto my lap…..I’m slowly getting round to sewing in the many hundreds of woolly tails on the back of my grannies crochet blanket, it’s pretty heavy and by mid morning is too warm to have on my knees…..I especially love how it looks in the morning sunlight, the colours in the tapestry wool seem alive and really glow.

the blanket inspector

And even though it’s early I still have a little assistant who’ll  wander over to help me….

No-one else is up, though often I can hear my neighbours starting to stir, one chap potters around his garden and the sound of him filling water-cans from a water butt is a regular early morning sound, sometimes I hear a coax of lip squeeks and a rattle of cat food as kitties are called in for breakfast….mostly it’s windows opening, and a waking up cough……it’s too early for any traffic, so I can often hear a distant rumble from one of the trains leaving the railway station, one of my friends has to leave Norwich early to work in Cambridge and I often think of her being on one of the trains I can hear….the railway line runs across the common and marshes just down the road, it’s not a noise to disturb, just a low soft rolling sound.

Then there are the birds, blackbirds seem to have the most to say though the magpies make more noise, raspy chuck chuck chuck’s sound down from the sycamore tree behind our garden and then one, two or more magpies swoop out of the branches and fly off over the roof tops….sometimes there’s as many as 8 or 9 and how anyone can sleep through the racket they make is quite beyond me.

Often there’s a loud series of shuffles from our laurel tree, sounding exactly like someone struggling with a particularly stubborn umbrella, this is followed by a long lulling almost cuckoo coo coo coo and I know the wood pigeons are awake too.

tumbling and bumbling on meadowsweet

There’s always the soft droning buzz of bees to be heard at any time of the day, we’re really lucky and have so many bees visit our garden, white bottomed, orange bottomed, small, skinny and some so fat I fair  wonder how they can even fly, all tumble around and roll deep in the flowers, until they emerge all dusty and pollen drenched.

Bernard amongst the strawberries

The garden is full of soft shadows, raspberries scent the air and there is almost a haze around the rosemary bush, it catches the first sun of the morning and perfumes the air on our patio for the rest of the day.  we’ve let the garden get a bit wild this year and a bindweed has appeared in the middle of the raspberries and rosemary, and yes, I know I need to remove it but it has the prettiest trumpetty milky white blossoms which the hover flies seem to love, each bloom resonates with their low buzz.  (Bernard has made yet another den under the raspberries, it’s a bit cooler here and he’s very well hidden from my grabby “who wants a cuddle” hands).

comma butterfly As the morning becomes day and the sun comes out it’s the buddleja that will scent the garden, there’s nearly always butterflies on it especially after lunch when they seem to bask in the sunshine, wings slowly opening wide to show off dusty velvet delights.  I never fail to be amazed at their long spiraled tongues, drinking, sipping up nectar before flitting off to the next flowering burst of purple.  Mostly we get comma butterflies, red admirals, tortoiseshells and peacocks, from time to time I see orange tips and smudges of blue flitting amongst the undergrowth and shadow…..

paperweight crochet colour planning 008

My work room is East facing so those soft morning shadows that dance over the garden also flood my work space, they flit and flicker across different craft projects, and if I start the day in there then I’m more like to sit in a semi daze, not really working just taking stock of chores to be done, scribbling or daubing with paint ideas and sketches for futute makes.

morning shadows

I pinned up a piece of patchwork I was working on to soften the light in my work room a bit, crochet garlands which are strewn across the window cast their shadows, they appear in different shapes and sizes like something from a lantern show and gently rock back and fro in any most welcome breeze…….my poor old neglected patchwork…too much knitting and not enough sewing means another year is going to go past without this being quilted, but on a morning when the sun seems a bit too scorchy, and I need some shade then I’m more than a little thankful that I’m a slow quilter and have half forgotten about this work in progress………

*I’m also annoyingly chipper and sing little good mornings to Bernard much to his general disgust that I’m dawdling at getting him fed!)


29 thoughts on “Quiet moments while the morning wakes……

    1. Afternoon Dorothy, it’s a bit too hot for me, I much prefer a bitter wind and a chilly Winter’s morning, perfect weater to wrap up and go for a walk,….we went out for a bit of a stroll this morning about half nine, even though we didnt go far and kept in the shade we were both exhausted by the time we got home x

  1. Your mornings sound very pleasant. It has been so hot and humid here during the past week, that I have been unable to spend anytime outside. I’m hoping for better weather soon. I also love to sit outside and enjoy nature with my cat and dog and a cup of coffee.

    1. Hi Pat, it’s a bit like that here to be honest which is why I’ll sit out in the early hours before it gets too hot…..Bernard will appear from under the raspberries, covered in what we call garden fluff and will clamber up onto my lap for cuddles which isn’t making me feel any cooler. Hope you get a nice breeze soon x

  2. I’ve just woken to you post and couldn’t agree more. I’ve been getting up before 6 lately to go for a walk by the lake and to make the most of the cooler temperatures. As the sun rides the hillsides turn a vivid orange but only briefly. Blink and it’s gone. It is peaceful but whereas your trains are far off, ours to right past the house and everything shakes for quite some time as the 150 or so trucks crash past! I don’t get much crafting done in the morning, that tends to be done late at night when the boys are asleep but if I get as few rows on a sock done I’m happy 🙂

    1. Oh you’ve described the lake and the ornage sunlit hillside so beautifully I can almost imagine being there…..don’t like the sound of those 150 truck trains too much though we have new neighbours who have the noisiest children in the world.

    1. I’d love to see a hedgehog in our garden though perhaps with Bernard snuffling about it might be for the best if we stay hedgehog free….we get a lot of dragonflies and last year I had a fat old toad crawl over my foot.

  3. Aaaah amazing post!! I feel I am set for the day in a wonderfully dreamy, happy and calm mood with the thought of being thankful for the delight that is nature around us. Thank you for your magical words!

      1. Aaaah that’s unlike Mia. She used to make a puff sound like when you sit on a padded chair and all the air comes out. It was warm. Licking the plates used for our curry take-outs was one of her things, after which she would sit, meowing and staring up at the window, tail swishing, waiting to be let outside!

      2. Last year when it was his birthday I wrote a little piece about him. He came from the RSPCA, he’d been found foraging in a huge catering bin behind a takeaway so was scoffing down on kebabs, chips, pizza…. and looked such a state when I first saw him…they’d only had him a couple of days and he really did reek…however he leapt into my arms and purred so loud and of course that just made me burst into tears (I’m a right daft lah lah)…….though he wasn’t my first choice, that was a little cat called Lottie who had a wrinkled ear, I thought Bernard was so gorgeous that anyone who saw him would fall in love with him, but Lottie was such a poorly little thing with such a sweet mew….however before I was able to have her she’d died as her wrinkled ear was in fact a tumour…… the boy is currently all sprawled out in the garden, there’s a sunny spot on the path and he’s soaking up the sunshine.


        Oohh, just saw the trailer for the Bob film…..purr-fect!

      3. OMG!!! There’s a Bob film???!!! Oh I can’t believe it. I remember getting my cat Mia….she was the runt of the litter of my Mum’s friend’s cat and she never really got bigger than an old kitten either, always a small thing. We brought her home in a box on the back seat of the car polka dotted with holes and when we got inside, placed it in the middle of the lounge room floor. After 20 minutes she still didn’t come out so we tilted the box to show her and five minutes later she surfed her way out and was the cutest little tumbling fluff ball I have ever seen!! I will never forget that. It was Christmas too I remember there being a tree which makes for such a cosy memory!

      4. When I was 15 my mum started feeding a stray cat which after a couple of days bought round 5 tiny eyes still closed kittens…..me and my younger sisters were so happy and that Christmas with them all being so wee and climbing the curtians and getting into the Christmas tree was the best…we dressed them up like Beatrix Potter characters…..we kept two of the kittens and they lived to 17 and 19…my own Jimmy Cat was a real poppet and was the softest and gentlest darling.

      5. Oh for a childhood spent with a lovely cat! I used to dress up Mia as well. I had this one sheet I could fold just so and it made her look as though she was wearing a cape. She was such a patient cat when you consider she hated being picked up and wouldn’t really play with toys – but I could send her downstairs with a message to my mum tucked in her collar which read “I think Asa would really like a hot chocolate”….

  4. You really should write a book!! You have such a way with words that puts me right there, seeing, hearing and even smelling the sights and sounds. Your mornings sound amazing. Hubby is leaving earlier for work atm so I’m missing my quiet hour early in the mornings!

    1. You’re far too kind xx Boyfriend is getting up to leave for work earlier too. Sadly it’s really noisy out there now, children next door are rowing/shouting/screaming and I’m looking at the sloe gin wondering if it’s too early to take a sip!

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