Pretty in pink (and much nicer than that awful frock at the end of the movie)

strawberry socks

Please don’t get too close, I’m full of cold again, all raspy voiced with a cough and a very runny nose…this is the 3rd or 4th cold I’ve had this year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ve had all the years poorlinesss and won’t so much as sniff or sneeze til 2017…..I’ve been so glad I made all those hedgerow syrups in the Autumn, to be honest I really thought I’d made way too much but I’m now on my last bottle so I guess I made about right….what’s been nice is adding it to hot water to sip as a fruit tea….it’s felt so soothing….I don’t know about you but when I get a cold I go right off tea (even when it’s for me I like to make a big pot as one little cup is never enough) and I don’t really care too much for coffee either….so the foraged fruit syrups have been wonderful…..athe paler syrup was nicest as a tea, and the darker one was best to swallow off a dessert spoon (hot it tasted liked warm Ribena which I’ve never gone in for.)

Anyway, I like to think every cloud has a silver lining and so while I didn’t feel like much (apart from making sick beds on the sofa with blankets and cushions, and grabbing Bernard for cuddles whether he wanted them or not) I was able to finish these super Summery strawberry ice-cream coloured socks.

garter toe sock

I’ve made them for Joeli’s no nylon sock kal over on Ravelry which has been really interesting to follow, partly for seeing all the different patterns but also reading about the different fibres people are knitting with.

At Christmas I took part in a small gestures pattern swop and my partner was Julia (she knits beautiful socks)…she gifted me Reason’s to be Cheerful……it’s a different sock pattern to what I’m used to (says the person who’s only knitted very vanilla style socks so basically anythng would be different!) and I was putting off using the pattern…but then I got to feeling a bit rubbish because it wasn’t my money I was wasting by not knitting it, it was Julia’s…and she’d also obviously thought I was up to the challenge of knititng them….so with a bit of help from Anne (she’s another awesome knitter) with understanding wrap and turn stitches…I finally cast them on….and promptly ran intot difficulties as I couldn’t see what I was doing so I had a bit of a practise on some dk weight yarn….and then once I’d got my head round what I was supposed to be doing I then cast on with the 4ply…..

sock foot is a bit too long


So this was sock one…..yeah, I know it looks a bit peculiar to say the least….I did try it on…a lot….I tend to slip the stitches off onto spare yarn so they don’t go flying off the needles but I didn’t want to pull the socks up too tight as when I did the stiches sort of choked that spare yarn….I could see they looked odd and a bit long but put it down to me being a tight knitter….anyway, as I was about 4 or 5 stitches away from casting off (using the stretchiest bind off ever) and thought to just try them on one last time…..I gave the socks a good old hooph and found my heel was now halfway up my leg….so with a face like thunder (and a bottom lip to trip over) lots of unravelling then took place, but not before I marked where my heel really needed to start from……it was a bit annoying to rip out all that knitting, but this was such a nice pattern to work and I soon found I didn’t have to keep writing down which row I was on….I think this means I’m getting slowly getting better with my knitting.

second sock underway

As well as trying out new techinques to knit them (you start at the toes rather than at the ankles, and then you work a pattern over the top of the foot and it’s just stocking stitch underneath) I was also trying out some weeny sized circular needles…..I’d noticed Claire had been using these on Ravelry and she’d kindly gave me a bit of advice about her needles, so I bought a pair to see what they were like….now I’ve got quite long fingers, I never can find gloves to fit me as the finger is never long enough or when I pull them on my fingers pop at the ends…but I found these really nice to use…it took a little while to figure what to do with my fingers as they all stood up like a pinky finger with a china tea cup at first….

Claire said she sort of tucked her fingers inside the sock and once I had a few rows worked my fingers sort of naturally tucked themselves away…now while I appreciate these aren’t for everyone, I really liked them….I certainly didn’t find they made my fingers or wrists hurt, even when I’d knitted for some time (cough cough eight or nine hours in one stretch) ….I’ve read that some knitters don’t like them but then I think you can never please everybody.

What I particularly like about these teensy circular needles is I’ve got no ladders (air punch and yay)….I really like using the double pointy juggling with a wriggling and rolling around hedgehog needles but I do get tiny ladders with them, I’m slowly learning how to correct that (gently tug the yarn as you work the second stitch on the new needle…and then move the stitches around the needles every so often)…but as you are constantly knitting with the weensy needles, ladders just don’t seem to form.

strawberry pink Blacker Classic sock

I pretty much knew which yarn I was going to use, this is a beautiful strawberry ice-cream pink which I bought from Brit Yarn…it’s 100% British and is made by Blacker Yarns, it’s got some Bluefaced Leicester in there so it’s nice and soft, but there’s still a bit of character to the yarn so I think they’l wear okay….Mazzy has also used this yarn for socks in the past and she said hers are fine, very cosy which is what I wanted….)…sadly Blacker Yarns have discontinued the colour and although the new colours are really nice (their greens in particular…gorgeous….) I love this pink so much….I’ve actually bought a few more balls so I could make more socks if I wanted but I’d now quite like to try my hand at a tank top…I’ve also got some lovely pale turquoise from the same range which is sort of a pistaccio green colour….in my head it would look great combined with the pink but I’m not sure what I’d then wear it with….hmmm….

happy feet

So spending a few days on the sofa under a pile of blankets, eating bowls of Heinz tomato soup (the only time I’ll eat it is when I’ll under the weather with a runny nose) and sipping fruity teas has meant I’m now the proud owner of these toasty warm socks…..Goodbye chilblains, goodbye….

Even though they’re warm and woolly, to me they seem to really sum up Summer…many years ago I had a couple of lovely holidays in Italy and Sicily, every day saw me and my friends pop into ice-cream parlours to sample all the different flavours……pretty much all of them served their desserts in the most beautiful little glass dishes, which were highly textured and nubbly on the outside….the soft ripples of garter stitch across the toes and heels remind me of the Mister Whippy ice-creams I used to pull before bunging in a flake on top when I worked in a sea side place as a teenager (mine always looked like something served up by contestants on The Generation Game….)…and that soft pink is the exact same shade as the ice creams/gelatos and semi-freddos I made last year with fat strawberries bought from the always smiling Mike and Debs on Norwich market…..

The pattern is called Reason’s to be Cheeerful and is by everyone’s favourite shepherd’s daughter Rachel Atkinson…looking down and seeing these on my toes and I can’t help but smile.

eta….if you’re interested, all my making notes can be found just here along with a few more pictures……




14 thoughts on “Pretty in pink (and much nicer than that awful frock at the end of the movie)

  1. Beautiful socks! And kudos for ripping out and redoing, I’ve done that sort of thing with a few projects and I’m always glad that I didn’t settle. I was happy to read you liked the tiny needles as I’ve just ordered a 30cm pair to make a hat after getting annoyed with both magic loop and double points. I hope you feel better soon! x

    1. So far everything I’ve knitted has had a lot or re-knitting…..I think my yellow shawl has set a pattern!
      The teensy needles were really nice, I still love the dpns because I still can’t quite believe I can actually now knit with them (and they impress the socks…tee hee…off the boyfriend) x

    1. Thanks Janey, the pattern is really interesting so I’d definitely recommend buying it…so far I seem to have had a cold for every season…touch wood, I’m generally okay in the Autumn x

  2. I hope you are felling better. Thankfully you weren’t too ill to knit! Your socks are so pretty and delicate and they look like a great fit too. I have just finished a pair of boot socks, two at a time, toe up on magic loop and having tried this method twice now, I realise I prefer my 23cm hiyahiya short circulars. Popped over to take a look at your project notes over on Ravelry and can’t believe how much of your cardigan you have knitted. It looks nearly finished!

    1. Good Morning, good yawning….I don’t know who seems to be more sleepy today, me or Bernard…we’re both sitting on the sofa all blinky and yawny.
      There was one day with the last cold where I really was too muddled headed to knit but this time I’ve been a real trooper and have carried on amidst the coughs and nose blowing…..much to my toes happiness. I probaly should have used a 2.25 needle as these are very snug so I’ll have to be super careful washing them, but then my Shetland socks soon stretch out (they were on a 2.5) so fingers crossed the same will hapen with these. Wow, you are amazing, two at a time socks…’re like a sock knitting superhero. I’m glad you like those tiny needles too…I think I’m still quicker on dpns but I did really like the weensy circulars so will most likely buy a 2.25 and a 2.5 at some point.
      Regarding the cardigan, I’m now on my 3rd attempt at a button band…..first one was too long, then too short…hoping I’ve got the goldlilocks number now…and I’ve worked it in moss stitch as I really like feeling that nubbliness (and when I made my swtch I thought the yarn looked fantastic…it also makes me think of the pebbly beaches we have in Suffolk……hoping to have the cardigan finished this weekend…it’s not going to win any awards for prettiness and there are things I would change for knitting it a second time (the upper arms are quite fat for my spindly ones)…but ooohhhh it’s so warm xx

  3. Hi, just wanted to drop by and say i’m loving all the knitting.
    Especially these pretty in pink socks, they look so vintage in that colour and pattern 🙂
    a few years ago I almost bought a house from one of the Psychedelic Furs! (they sang Pretty in Pink)

    looking forward to seeing your cardigan and more of Bernard, hope he’s keeping well.

    PS. I’ve only just got the sock knitting bug (started in April) and I’ve made 10 pairs so far! gosh its addictive.

    1. Oh my goodness, 10 pairs….I’m on pair number 5 though have been somewhat distracted by shawl knitting (currently knitting two more)…..ooohhh I used to love Psycadelic Furs when I was a teenager.
      Bernard is all fine though he’s not appreciating the hot weather so there is lots of grumping and mewing.

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