Blousey blossoms, silver sage lichens and a nature’s shades fungi…..

blossom by the train track

I’d fully intended to share the last of the pictures from our walk up to Keswick Mill the other week somewhat sooner but then with one thing and another, writing about knitting the second Moonaker shawl and making custard based puddings it completely slipped my mind….but better late than never……

I’m very lucky where I live, there’s a bus stop right outside the house, many’s the time I’ve quickly darted back inside to change my coat or add a warmer scarf depending on the weather while waiting for the bus to take me into town if I’m too lazy too walk in, and then not even 5 minutes leisurely stroll in the other direction are the meadows and marshes that make my heart fair sing each time I walk across them…..on slightly higher ground runs the train track, and from time to time you can hear the odd rumble of the trains as they hurtle along….last year we had a real treat as a steam train was on the line, at the time I was doing my Jenny Agutter impression of waving at the train for my boyfriend (and yes, I resisted the urge to show any petticoat) so to see a steam train  suddenly come chugging away from behind the hedgerow with a whoo whoo whistle of steam was very exciting.

There’s more than one walk over the meadows and one such way leads along the back of a local golf club, hazel and blackthorn hedges line both sides of the path that runs almost parallel for a time with the train track. Right now the blossoms there are so blousey and meringue like….frothy white bunches bursting with lime green pollen tipped filaments .

hedgerow of lichen

Further up across the meadows, a bit away from the trains are a couple of pasture fields edged with a hedgerow of hawthorn, come Autumn these are a foragers heaven but for now they’re a bit sparce….though at first glance I thought something was up with the blossom but it was only when we got closer that I could see what I’d mistaken for very early Spring blooms was in fact a mass of silver lichen….most of the hawthorn trees and hedges on the marshes are home to patches of sagey silver lichen of some sort but these ones are almost covered with it…..

lichen in Spring sunshine

In the sunshine the bare branches twinkle and I’ve made a note to try and remember to head up this way come Winter as lichen on a frosty morning is stunning.

silver lichen

Lichen seems to particularly like growing on hawthorn, and it really did look very pretty.  I love that sagey silver colour and it made me think of some of the natural un-dyed sheep wool I have on shade cards where the greys are very silvery.  I’m also thinking how interesting this would be to use for a stranded colourwork source…….

fungi growng near the golf course

On the way back we noticed this amazing fungi, I’m not quite sure how we missed it before but then sometimes I tend to only look in one direction as I walk, noticing one side on the way out and then the other as we head back homewards…..

The fungi spiraled all the way up the fence post and so I suspect something in the hedge had become a bit unruly for the golf club and so it’s been trimmed back rather and now serves as part of the fencing.

golf club fungi

Looking at those circles and bands of brown and grey I couldn’t not but be reminded of some of the gorgeous shawls on the recent KnitBritish/BritYarn kal …..beautiful soft shades of fawn, moorit, chestnut…teemed up with shaela,sholmit…gentle scalloped edges…..the fungi looked so strokable and velvety, like a beautiful Paul Poiret opera cape.

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