A wee sprig of blue, baking bread, ladybirds and the shawl thief strikes again…..

this weeks sourdough loaf

It’s been lovely and Spring sun-shiny here today,  at times there was a little bit of overcast and cloud but for the most part it’s been just glorious….I’m still feeling an hour behind myself with the clock change last weekend but hopefully this next week will see me perk up a bit more….this morning though I felt too tired to get up and so lolled in bed with Bernard using my hand as a public resting post…he likes it if I wrap my fingers behind his ears and scritch, as I get a bit drowsy my fingers slowly stop and then he soon perks up and pokes me in the nose with a fat paw to make me wake up and continue my scritchy scritchy.

I made sourdough bread on Thursday and it’s come out a fair bit smaller than normal, the beloved said it tastes fine and not to stress.  One of the things I like about baking bread at home is how no two loaves ever seem to come out quite the same but when a loaf comes out not up to scratch (in my opinion) I get a bit sulky. Not sure why this one didn’t bloom as well as the ones I’ve been making, I forgot to let the sponge bubble away over night like I’ve been doing so suspect this may be the reason.

first of the forget me nots

Earlier I had a bit of a nose around the garden as it was so smashing outside today and was so happy to find the first of  this year’s forget-me-nots…. and once I spotted this wee sprig I became aware of other tiny smudges of blue dotted around in sunny spots.

ladybird ladybird

And it wasn’t just forget-me-nots I started noticing, there were also a fair few ladybirds scurrying around or basking in the sunshine like this one….I love ladybirds, they always make me think of Summer, and on a day that’s warm and really rather splendid, then thinking of Summer doesn’t feel too daft….and hearing an ice-cream van just down the road really created the right mood (though we didn’t pop out for a Choc Ice …..I always used to like the slice of ice-cream wedged in between two wafers).

hiding amongst the strawberries

I also spotted this one hiding up in one of the wild strawberry plants , scuttling about under dry leaves it seemed very busy though I’m not too sure what it was up to.

wild strawberries

Some of the wild strawberries are already i blossom, dainty milky white blossoms with such a bright yellow centre…these ones were being visited most of the morning by some really fat bees….we’ve noticed a lot of bees around here this year, proper fat bumbles that are nearly as large as my thumb……just up the road there’s a house with a little tree in the garden that’s had the sweetest grey catkins, so soft and downy just like kitten paws…they’ve become so powdery and fuzzy the last week or so, and yesterday I stood and watched at least a dozen bees rolling around and tumbling over the the blossoming catkins…covered in the prettiest powdery yellow pollen.

The other leaves along the bottom edge are cowslips, I first grew these some years ago and bought the seeds from some old plants with me when I moved…we’ve (well he’s) dug up and moved two of the apple trees so theses should get a bit more light this year…the apple trees weren’t doing so well where they were so we’re (he’s) just deciding where is the best spot to position them)…..I like pottering and doing as I’m told in the garden but he’s the ones with the green fingers.

Bernard and his new shawl

I’ve finally finished my Nature’s Shades Moonraker shawl, I’m so pleased with it, it’s incredibly soft and drapey, and much warmer than I thought it was going to be.  I’ve washed it in some Eucalan and have blocked it pretty hard to get it to form a nice triangle. I ended up using a couple of hefty old metal yard sticks to make a solid long straight line between the shawl tips so I could pull the knitting out accurately, and 3 boxes of knit pro blocking pins.

It’s now dry and I was hoping so much to get out and persuade the boyfriend to take some snaps of me in it while the weather was so good however “someone” has been sprawling out on it for most of the day (there’s been more than a little bit of paddy paws plucky plucky going on so I’m going to have to wriggle and pull in a couple of the stitches to bring them back into shape.   He got really grouchy with me when I tried to move him off and that tail was flicking like nobody’s business so I felt it safer to just let him be rather than risk anymore damage by him holding on tightly as I lifted him up.

The mid-brown Blue Faced Leicester that I’ve used for the main body of the shawl is so similar in colour to how Bernard looks…it’s much more of a grey than brown but when it’s sunny those brown hues really do shine.  I’ve loved doing this kal, and the other finished knits over on Brit Yarns Ravelry page are just stunning.  I’m not normally one for naturals, greys and browns but I really like the different shades of cream and milk combined with the darker shades of charcoal and smokey grey.  I’d certainly consider using these beautiful un-dyed shades again, maybe in a cardigan or a tank top to wear with something really bright.


3 thoughts on “A wee sprig of blue, baking bread, ladybirds and the shawl thief strikes again…..

  1. Bernard, Bernard, Bernard!! That little monkey really needs his own shawl but being a cat he would probably refuse that one and continue with yours! He certainly knows how to get your attention in the mornings too! What a little bundle of fluff and character!
    Catkins are my favourite sign of spring, as a child we often had a branch indoors. And forget me nots, well they have to be one of my favourites too. Ours don’t seem to have made an appearance yet but when they do Hubby is hoping to transplant some to the back garden, thankfully he loves them too and doesn’t see them as weeds. And a slab of ice cream between wafers, memories again there. We always had a block of ice cream as kids, can you even buy a block of I’ve cream these days??
    Your shawl is amazing, I’m looking forward to seeing some photos of it on 😃 Have a great week Ericka! X

    1. Yeah the boyfreind says I should make him a wee one to wear at a jaunty angel…we had a very early morning wake up call from him today (about 4.30) apparently my hand wasn’t in the right place for him to rest his head on so I was prodded and mewed at until his wishes were granted, then he wanted feeding so I had to get up, and just as I got cosy in bed again he wanted to be let out…so have spent the day walking round like a zombie.
      Not sure about still buying blocks of icecream…if you can’t buy it like that think how nice it would be this year to make our own like that to eat with wafers…….tummy is growling in anticipation x
      (and thank you for the lovely compliments on my shawl…I’ve barely taken it off today, it’s so warm without being weighty)

      1. Oh Bernard, you really are bad! You really can’t tell a cat to be quiet and go back to sleep, well, I guess you could but I’m not too sure how obedient he would be! What a great idea with the ice cream, I just need to find the right shaped tub for it now, Josh was asking for home made ice cream last week 😃.

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