waking to pokey paws and the low rumble of purrs…..

oh Bernard what big paws you have

Some mornings I slowly wake to the sound of a low rumble beside me on the bed, a mix of deeps purrs and snorring.  When he’s feeling mischievous he reaches out and presses my face with one of his fat old paws, I’m not so appreciatiove of this treatment but for some reason Bernard finds it the greatest lark and will keep doing it…..I open my eyes and look at him and he quickly brings his paw to his mouth to lick, like the poking has got nothing to do with him and then as soon as my eyes close back comes the paw….

He was proper cuddly this morning and for some reason decided to keep patting my nose, every pat I’d “gah” and wrinkle up my nose….and I’m sure his purr got a little bit louder like he’s laughing at his naughty ways…..he loves teasing and waits til I close my eyes and stop fidgeting before squidging my nose again…..

He’s doing okay for the moment, he’s lost a bit of weight but seems to be alright in himself….he was out loads yesterday as it was all wild and windy, he loves running around the garden, and having the wind tickle through his fur, sadly he didn’t have any of the cats from next door to play with as they’ve moved house now, but he still manages to entertain himself with lamb leaps and skips as he bolts up the path.

someone is a fan of wool shawls

This is probably the closest picture of what I see first thing on waking, he’s pretty much decided the brown shawl is his (fancy things are really wasted on me obviously*) and at bedtime he likes to nestle down in it alongside me, if I need to get up in the night he’ll stretch out and totally takes my place while I’m gone, and then I have to contort myself back into bed around him so I don’t disturb him or if I do then I’m mewed at quite crossly…mostly though I’m all forgiven by a lullaby of purrs to lull me back to sleep……even when I’m all fretful and anxious the sensation of him purring against me is the most soothing sound and allows me to drift away back to sleep.

He’s been very good while I’ve been knitting and the “wool incidents” where balls of wool are found at stuck to his paws or are on the floor have been very far and few…. (a different story when I used tapestry wool or acrylic, neither were safe and I’d often find them all over the house or outside in the garden)….I think he likes the sheepy scent of the real wool, and will often cuddle next to me with his nose or chin resting on the wool so he can smell it…it’s his birthday next month so I’m considering knitting him a littlel real wool blanket, one that’s all sleepily sheepily scented and coloured the same thundery sulky greys and browns as himself.

*the shawl was originally quite a lot of money from a posh boutique in Norwich, however Bernard has always had a fancy for it and of late I don’t have the heart to move him.


14 thoughts on “waking to pokey paws and the low rumble of purrs…..

  1. Hello, just wanted to say what a lovely blog you have. I came over via your comment on milla’s blog and it really made me smile the first post I saw with the photos of keswick mill. I lived there for a year when I was a student at UEA in the early 90’s. The owners used to rent out upstairs rooms to students. It was wonderful. Now I’m in Shropshire. Anyway, I’m enjoying reading back through your posts – you have a really delightful way of writing. Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thank you so much for your nice comment, what a lovely place to live as a student…were you there when we had the bad Winters in the mid nineties, I’ve spoken to some older residents and they all say how the wind blew the snow in from over the marshes and blocked a lot of the roads. We don’t often walk up past Keswick Mill (it’s a route a bit too favoured by dog walkers who don’t pick up..) and all the best blackberry bushes seem to have cut right back but as you know the views are breathtaking around there when it’s frosty….mostly we traipse around over the Marshes and Eaton common with the mill always in the background.

      1. We definitely had heaps of snow. I think winter 90/91 was the most snowy, but memory is a bit fuzzy. It was a fab place to live, always very tempting to go out for a walk when I was supposed to be revising. Feeling quite nostalgic!

      2. I always count my blessings living here (having lived in some of Norwich’s less desirable addresses before)…in a couple of months we’ll head up to the UEA through the marshes and come out in the bluebell wood which is always a sight for sore eyes…..it’s a bit of a trek but it’s always worth the effort x

    1. Once Bernard’s “purr motor” is running it just goes on and on…..it’s pretty loud but his snoring is no where near so bad as my last cats, you could hear her in the bedroom when we’d be in the other room watching tv.

  2. Bernard is just such a cutie, that photo of him all curled up is so huggable! His own blanket sounds like a perfect idea, you may even get your shawl back! It sounds as though he is full of character, especially in the mornings 🙂 I always love hearing about him!

    1. He “supervised” yesterday while I was experimenting and having a play with some natural shades of wool (un-dyed), he had a good sniff of all the wool before nestling down and sleeping on my lap, he was very snuggly and warm, sadly he was really windy so he wasn’t the nicest smelling companion.

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