a frost kissed morning and the finest lace knitting…..

hawthorn tree on a frosty morning

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve had a few damp and most dreary of days, when it’s all wet out it’s a bit limiting on our walks as they mostly involve heading out over pastures and meadows and going over marsh land…..but when there’s been a good old frost like we woke up to Thursday then I can head out and trapse along the hedgerows, often feeling like I’ve been transported to another world or time……the distant rumbling of trains soon becomes part and parcel of any background noise……

If you were reading my blog last Summer you may remember some pictures I posted of lush meadows filled with wild flowers, looking like something from a 1970’s flake advert……this is the same meadow in the Winter.  In the middle there is a small cluster of hawthorn trees and when the cows are out they tend to gather here…perhaps they all get together to have a right gossip….a few last berries remain on the trees, all shriveled and frozen.

hawthorn against the morning sky

The witchy finger twists of the hawthorn totally fascinate me, it’s not something I take a lot of notice of once they are covered in new leaves and little red berries but come Autumn with blustery winds then they become one of my favourite trees……the gnarly little branches and twig tips are covered in lichens, tiny peeps of gold and mustard almost look too bright against the greys and muted colours of a Winter’s morning.


frozen brambles

Under the hawthron there are a few brambles, I don’t normally pick many fruit from this bush as they tend to be a bit small and it’s really prickly, but it looks beautiful this morning, those prickly stems are all covered in fine frosty crystals which sparkle in the sunlight…..in warmer months there are usually no end of little birds here, a banditry of tit-mice live close by and you can hear them squeekily chiruping…not today, they’ve headed off to any gardens that are close by in search of fat balls and treats*.

angelica and frost kissed sorrel

Around the edges of the meadow are the remains of last years sorrel and angelica….the shapes they form are really striking and and are inspirring me with a new series of botanical embroideries….

sorrel all frost kissed

That gorgeous deep rusty red all hidden under the frost…..I love the nubblieness of the sorrel seeds but they look even more beautiful with their dusting of white…..

frozen yarrow and moss

Crouching down low to the ground I can see small patches of moss and yarrow….it’s like a miniature world down here…the yarrow seems more like fluffy bracken fronds and are so clearly defined….

the finest lace knitting

Over the marshes and then along the back of the golf course….there’s a small copse which seems to offer a little shelter from the cold morning, and I’m aware of all the birds pecking about, poking under the dry leaves, and there’s a couple of squirrels which are scampering about, turning up littel piles of mulch….not sure if they’ve forgotten where they’ve burried their larder…they look quite indignant to see me and stop and watch as I walk past.

I nearly missed this cobweb, so carefully spun and looking like the finest spun piece of lace knitting…….

*not connected with my walk but I’ve just ordered some special peanut butter from Wiggly Wormers for the the birds in our garden…..they’re a brilliant company to buy from if you live in the uk as their bird food is grown here.  They often have really good offers and are the best place I think to buy live food for birds….if you’ve not tried live food before then it’s amazing, the birds love it and one little robin sat just inches away from my finger when I used to fill our feeder last year.


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