Christmas colds, soothing syrups and a knitty kitty….

hedgerow syrups for winter throats

Before I can even write anything I need to cough and blow my nose….and in a raspy old croak whisper that I’ve got a cold…my nose (or dose) is all stuffy, my ears are popping and I feel like a right cotton headed noodle head……this happens every year, my good intentions for being all organized seems to go out of the window and November and the start of December is an endless cycle of very early morning starts and late night sewing trying to get everything finished in time for fairs and commissions…..and inevitably it gets to the point where my body says “enough” and everything seems to just shut down….stupidly I ignored the warnings last weekend when my throat began feeling very sore and scratchy, this is always the first sign for me that I’m getting sickly….I guess I was so focused on getting things ready for my boyfriends parents visiting (gifts to make, wrap…biscuits and puddings to bake) and with Bernard being ill too that I just carried on regardless…..til Friday afternoon…..I was on my way to pick up the boy from the vets (a quick check up and he’s doing all nicely) when I just felt all faint and my energy leave me.

crocheted cosy

So for the past day or so I’ve been sipping fruit syrups that I made in the Autumn from foraging and clambering about in hedgerows looking like Catweazel…the syrups arel lovely stirred into a cup of hot water, and drinking soothing honey and lemon teas and have been getting through no-end of tissues as my nose won’t stop running ….most annoyingly, and you’ll know this if you are a regular reader or have ever met me, I am a chatter, mostly it’s just piffle and I can happily waffle on for ages….but for now I’m only able to manage a croaky old rasp…a bit like a dry leafed rustle…gradually it rises to an almost inaudible squeek (the neighbourhood dogs are no doubt running about wondering what the noise is) then dissappears.


Luckily almost everything is done….I’ve one last commission, though it’s a big one…two supersized stockings for Peggy and Pearl (the little poppets I made the star quilts for back at the start of the year)…

paws for a kitty toy

At the moment I’m knitting a wee cardigan for “licky paws”…I’m using a lovely bright green colour but the yarn itself is acrylic as I couldn’t see any pure wool in my wool basket (however is often the way, once I started I then remembered a nice soft apple green I have from Jamiesons of Shetland but I figure I can knit up another cardigan for her over the holidays)……the yarn is rather squeeky and I miss the soft shuffly corduroy sound of knitting with wool.

I’ll try and take pictures once everything is ready, the light here isn’t great and I’m really just trying to get this all finishied to be posted tomorrow.

I’ve also got a little dress to sew up for licky paws to wear, I’ve drawn up a teeny version of the dottie angel dress so I’ll make that in the same tiny green floral print as one I made in my size (Eliza’s favourite colour is green so figured that would be the best choice for kitty clothing)….so for now I’m on the sofa, sipping fruit teas and knitting as fast as I can while watching old black and white films and soundign like a right old sick note.


12 thoughts on “Christmas colds, soothing syrups and a knitty kitty….

    1. Thank you…just trying to string up some fairy lights without falling off the sofa, and wrap my boyfriends and Bernards presents (this is me having a rest) before starting on the last of the years commissions…..

  1. I do hope you are feeling much better very soon x
    Take some time out to rest a bit….vit c is good for colds, an ideal time to eat some christmas clementines.
    Glad Bernard’s doing well, he’ll keep you all snugled up warm I’m sure.

    The cardigan and dress sound very cute, you’re so talented and inspiring.

    Have a good week and a wonderful Christmas

    1. Thank you, I look and sound a proper fright…licky paws and her clothing were finished just in time (a 5 o’clock start this morning saw to that)..other items for her will get sewn up over the holidays.
      I’m a clementine fiend so I don’t neend any encouragement where they are concerned…
      Bernard went out today for the first time in about a week, lots of kissing with Bob from next door xx

    1. Thank you…mmm they are. They are lovley as a hot cordial type drink to sip or just as nice to pour form the bottle into a spoon…and taste much nicer than anything over the counter.

      1. I used to go on the bus xx (sorry couldn’t resist)….I really like warm milk and honey when it’s cold, but with a cold then I prefer lemon and honey but the syrups are fast becomming a new favourite.

  2. Oh no, poor you, just what you don’t need so close to Christmas! I’m busy dosing Abi up with echinacea as she has a scratcy throat and there is some fluey bug going around where she works! You syrups looks lovely, I think I would be tempted to overdose on them, the way I used to feel with Benylin before they stopped it or changed it or something because it was addictive! If my Grandad was round and had a sore throat he would swig from the bottle. It always used to fascinate me! Back from the past… I think it’s lovely that you are making stockings for Peggy and Pearl, two very spoilt little girls with such precious handmade gifts! Take care and get well soon x

    1. This hppens every year Sharon, I always think I can do everything…..but my body has other ideas…for now i’ll be content to get some fairy lights strung up and then I can get Bernard and boyfriends presents wrapped so thats one more thing ticked off the list…..The syrups have come in very handy and they do seem to be helping ease the soreness.
      I like Potters Balm of Glead cough mixture, it’s thick and tar like and I could quite happily guzzle that down like pots of tea….think your grand-dad would have approved xx

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