Someone’s feeling perkier and a give-away winner…..

what what what

First of all can I say a huge thank you to everyone who has left a “get well soon Bernard” comment, your kind words and concern really has meant so much to me.  He’s doing nicely and is currently all stretched out napping on the carpet.  Bernard isn’t a fancy breed but he’s priceless to us and when he gets poorly (luckily it doesn’t happen often) it makes me so distraught I can barely tell if I’m coming or going.

Anyway, as a thank you I’ve decided to give away an extra stocking, all the names of everyone who commented on the “poorly pawed poppet” post got popped into a stocking and the name drawn out was……..(if the drum roll was being done by Bernard it would definitely sound all trumpety trump trump)…..Buttercup and Bee.  I’ve emailed you to ask if you’d be so kind as to send me across yur detials then I’ll endeavour to post out one of my little stockings to you tomorrow.

weeny blue stocking with red pom pom trim

All the names of people who entered the Christmas stocking give-away were then put into said stocking…given a right good shuffle and shake and the name drawn out was…….Sue Grubb.  So congratulations to Sue and I’ve emailed you as well.

And as it’s the season of good will and showing how much we appreciate people, I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Sharon over at Creativity and Family.   Before I blogged I don’t think I ever really thought about the amount of time that people spend writing a post, taking and editing photos, thinking about topics to write about or creating tutorials etc etc. Sometimes I’d leave a comment but for the greater part of the time I didn’t, mostly I guess I felt a bit shy…..Now that I have my own blog, I really do love reading when people comment, likes are lovely but a comment feels a bit more special.  I realy do appreciate the time someone has taken just to take a few minutes out to let me know what they think about what I’ve written or shared.

For nearly the past year Sharon has been a regular commentator on my blog, her words are always kind and thoughtful and have meant a lot to me…so I’m also going to be sending a stocking to her as a special thank you.

Thank you to everyone who entered the give away and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to send one out to all of you.  If you would still like the chance to own one of the little stockings and have it arrive in time for Christmas then the last posting date from my Folksy shop is on Monday so now would be the ideal time to order one.



18 thoughts on “Someone’s feeling perkier and a give-away winner…..

  1. I just dropped you a line via email. Your stockings are beautiful so I feel very lucky to have won one. Bernard looks so majestic laid out on your Granny’s Paperweight blanket, I imagine he loves the extra attention he has been getting. I am glad he is feeling better. After your craft fairs and then the worry, you can now enjoy the holidays and maybe a spot of knitting 🙂

    1. Once all the tails are sewn in (fingers crossed this will be the Christmas that happens) I’m hoping to worker a border aroudn the blanket in colours picked from Bernard…his dirty greys and browns always look so striking against the richness of the tapestry wool.
      Once again, many thanks for yours and everyone elses kind words regarding the trumpster xx

  2. Oh wow, I just don’t know what to say, you have nearly made me cry!! I truly love your posts, you always bring a smile to my face, often with a little help from Bernard and your comments have encouraged me with my own blog. Thank you so, so much. x

  3. So good to see Bernard looking so perky 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a lovely restful Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
    Thanks for sharing your exploits and creativity I really enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing your lovely creations x

    1. Hi Sally, t
      Thank you…this is a picture of Bernard that I took earlier in the year (maybe even last year) but I love his little expression …”what”….and just think he looks really handsome against the blanket.
      Thank you for all your kind words and here’s to a most creative 2016 x

  4. Bernard is such a beautiful cat (is a domestic medium hair? Curie is 4 months old but I can see she’s getting just as fluffy!), and I can imagine what a gentle character he must be as well. I totally understand how distressing it must be when (thankfully not often at all!) something happens to him.
    Your crafts are amazing! I’ve been venturing through your blog to see as many pictures of them as I can. Best of luck with your sales!
    P.S. I’m new to blogging, and reading many examples of how people take the time out to thank each other, write thoughtful comments, and generally support one another is simply sweet and inspiring.

    1. Oh you’ve made me and my boyfreind laugh….most of the time the politest way to discribe him would be as “characterful”…he can be a bit bitey, when I walk past him when he’s in a grump I get a leg slapped…all my leggings (apart from the Kenny Everett /Rod Stewart “If you want my body”…Leopard print ones) are all darned from where he has plucked them, he has dreadful wind and steals nice wool, shawls and used to pinch underwear and hide it outside. However, he’s our treasure and I wouldn’t want him any other way xx Your Curie sounds lovely. It does make me feel a little sad we never knew Bernard as a kitten. I wrote about “our story” just here….
      Thank you so much for your compliments and kind words.

      1. It’s been quite a while, and I didn’t get a chance to respond to this comment, earlier sorry. I’ve been so busy with the holidays and, now, university resuming once again! I’ve read your and Bernard’s story, and cherished every word of it. No need to feel sad about not knowing him during his kittenhood – you and him found each other at the most perfect time in fate, and have been there for since then, until now, and many more moments to come. ❤

      2. Thank you, and I hope uni life is all settling down okay. I feel sad as I wish I could have seen him all fluffy and tiny so it’s a selfish reason really. Pretty much straight away he took over the household and we’re very much at his beck and call. He’s got lots of personality and has even had Christmas cards from some of our neighbours…when we go on the bus everyone knows him, I thnk he has little walk abouts and goes in peoples houses…there was a time when he’d come home late smelling of perfume which wasn’t mine…I think one of my elderly neighbours was entertaining him xx

      3. Ah, tell me about it; cats have a way of making us do what they want. It’s rather smart actually. Just this morning, Curie was meowing in a complaining tone and then led me upstairs to get a particular toy out for her. And she knows which pose makes her irresistible for petting. I haven’t written in some time unfortunately, but I’m planning to put up a post on how much (and quickly!) she’s grown over just the recent weeks that we’ve had her (with lots of cute pictures!). My blog is here by the way!

      4. Curie sounds such a cutie, the little kittens that live next door (moving any day now) are getting huge, I’m often mistaking them for their mum and uncle….oddly Bernard see,s less frightened of them now they aren’t quite so tiny.
        Thank you for the link to your blog xx

      5. Glad it’s working now (I just automatically clicked via your name)…Both my cats have been rescue kitties, and when we were growing up all the cats that lived with us were strays that just seemed to appear when my mum was dishing up a Sunday roast. Do you read the comic strip Mutts? It’s really good and quite often there are little animal shelter stories in there (always with a happy ending where the “inmates” go to homes where they are loved and cherished) xx

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