A wee Christmas stocking give-away….

weeny blue stocking with red pom pom trim

I’m trying to grab 5 minutes to catch up with a list of chores and half remembered need to dos before Christmas is upon us…the “invalid” is full of beans, objecting rather loudly at having to use indoor facilities and I’ve even been down the road and bought a new type of kitty litter as he didn’t care for the wood variety that we’d  bought and had by us…don’t think he he’s any more impressed with the new one but he’s not allowed out til he’s seen the vet again on Friday.  However he seems full of beans and is right perky, I think he’s downstairs at the mo entertaining my boyfriend’s mum and dad.

One of the things I’d intended to post last week was details of a Christmas give-away so it’s a few days later than I’d intended but with craft fairs and poorly pawed poppets the last some days have all been a bit of a blur.fingers crossed could be with you at the start of next week.

detail of blue snowflake embroidery

So this little stocking is looking for a new home, one where it’ll be filled to the brim with presents and have a fat and lumpy tummy.

It’s all embroidered by hand using vintage tapestry wool and inside it’s lined with a pretty striped fabric.  (sadly the bears don’t come with the stocking but maybe you’ll be able to find one of your own to squidge in on top of the other things you care to fill it with.)

If you’d like the chance to win it then just leave me a wee comment and you’ll be entered….

The draw will be held first thing Friday morning (December 18th) and will be posted off later that day so fingers crossed it should be with you before the big day itself.  I’m only able to post to UK addresses but you can still enter if you live overseas and would like it sent to someone in the UK (hope that makes sense…)

UPDATE…..Bernard has to go to the vets now Friday morning so the giveaway will run to late Friday afternoon with the draw taking place about 5 o’clock (or 1700 hours)  xx

UPDATE number two….this giveaway is now closed.

11 thoughts on “A wee Christmas stocking give-away….

  1. It’s beautiful and I’m the only one in my house who doesn’t have a stocking. I haven’t had a stocking since I was a teenager, when I used to get an old football sock (which I loved) filled with chocolate coins, satsumas and the obligatory vest and pants!

  2. Sounds like Bernard is recovering nicely, and being made a big fuss of 🙂
    We’ve got a new addition to our household, (well it will be his first Christmas with us) he’s a Dog called Banjo, he loves my yarn, so much so that it’s not safe whether balled or crocheted, he also loves to stretch like a cat and has the odd case of flatulence….so has some similarities to Bernard lol. I’d love to fill a stocking with dog treats for him. He’s curled up next to me, after a mad dash round the Christmas tree trying to open all the gifts and a quick rummage through my yarn bag!

  3. So pleased that Bernard is home and perking up. I saw an old annual in a shop today and thought of you and your lovely stockings. My plan for next year is an African flower stocking, completely inspired by you!

  4. I love this stocking! The colour choice, the bobbles and the snowflakes all add to its vintage charm. It would have a good home with me.

  5. Such a beautiful stocking. Love the colours. 🙂 I have two perfect garden gnomes – one knitted one crocheted – who would be thrilled to live in your Christmas stocking.

    A very Merry Christmas from,

  6. I don’t know if my other comment went through as I’m not on any of the mentioned social medias? Anyway if this is my lucky time I wanted to say it’s such a beautiful stocking and I’ve got the perfect two garden gnomes – one knitted one croched – who would be thrilled to live in you Christmas stocking. I love the colours.

    A very Merry Christmas,

  7. I was so pleased to hear that Bernard is much better, please enter me in the draw for the stocking as I would be thrilled to receive one,
    Merry Christmas To you all,

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