A fragrant spicy smelling retro style loaf……


cinnamon and fruit sourdough loaf

A bit of a retro style loaf today….when I made bread the other week there was a little suggestion made about making a fruit loaf for breakfast toast….rather than split a sponge between two I ended up making two separate ones, measuring out bread starter and water, flour and oats….the dough was supposed to fit into the little panibois that I bought in the Summer  however I guess I’d got a bit carried away as I made rather too much dough to fit in them….

After a bit of a rummage in the cupboard I found up some original bread tins that had belonged to our Nanny, I don’t know how old they are exactly but they make for a nicely shaped loaf of bread….after a quick wash then an oil and flour to prep them, the dough was tucked inside and allowed to rise once more before going into the oven……..

The resulting loaves looked lovely, much more like a traditional loaf fropm my childhood, than anything fancy and artisan……one loaf was what I call a basic loaf (with oats, apples and seeds) and other was a fruity loaf which also had some grated apple and oats in it, along with a handful of currants and mixed peel, some cinnamon and instead of using honey as a sweetener I used brown sugar so the bread had a very pleasant warm tone.

The fruity breakfast loaf “proved” to be very popular so on Sunday I made two loaves again, this time I also added a pinch of clove and nutmeg to the dough…..both breads smelt so good baking, I love the simple smell of our regular breaking, the seeds make it smell really nutty and warm, but at this time of year the spicy aroma of cinnamon in the fruit loaf really owns my heart.






4 thoughts on “A fragrant spicy smelling retro style loaf……

    1. To be honest he’s lovely to bake for and generally anything cinnamony doesn’t last long…a couple of weeks ago I was baking him breakfast buns from the Moomin cook book x

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