Christmas stockings, snowmen and a pensive faced bunny……….

Christmas stocking for Constance

In between embroidering and sewing like a whirling dervish all ready for the big craft fair at The Assembly House in a fortnight’s time, I’ve also been sewing this Christmas stocking for a little girl called Constance and it’s now about to go off on it’s way to her mum to tuck away somewhere safe til Christmas Eve…….

Cutting out the motifs and then arranging the pieces of wool felt to see where they look best takes me back to when me and my sisters used to play with fuzzy felt……once I’m happy the pieces are pinned into position and then hand sewn into place…’s a bit fiddly but anyone who reads my blog knows I’m happy to work to work small and so fiddlesome is like my middle name.

Christmas stocking with snowman applique

The snowman is probably my favourite motif, his cheeks are sewn into place, his scarf is crocheted and his features are embroidered with tiny french knots…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real snowman in a top hat, perhaps I should try one out with a bobble hat like we used to squish on top of the ones our dad used to help me and my sisters make when we were all very small.

A stocking for Anne

I’ve mentioned my friend Anne before, she’s a wonderful knitter and has helped me out over many a knitting drama, and my eyes nearly popped out when she said “oh there are times when I have to un-ravel a few rows…” I could hardly believe it. She’s lots of fun and although I’ve only known her for about 5 years she’s fast became one of my dearest friends.

A few years back she drove me off out into the Norfolk wilderness so I could do a craft fair (I don’t drive and so have to rely on public transport or the kindness of friends) and happened to mention that she’d never had a Christmas stocking growing up so I made a quiet note to myself and that year made her a stocking of her very own…..her face when we gave it to her was a picture, and it wasn’t reallly filled with anything pricey…a handful of quality street, a miniature Bailey’s, a couple of satsuamas, walnuts in the toe, chocolate coins, a bar of nice soap, a couple of small things I’d sewn….she laughed so much and took it with her to her dad’s for Christmas day….each year I ask for it back and it gets filled pretty much the same way, which is part of what I like about filling a stocking, it’s supposed to be old favourites, traditons, and I think they work better when they’re filled with simple gifts.

The gorgeous bunny who has become one of my Christmas stocking props was made by my friend Sasha, I’ve got a house filled with these often pensive looking little creatures (largest is some 4ft tall and my boyfriend didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he came home and saw it)… this one really only comes out at Christmas….Sasha will be over at Holt on the 5th December at Glory Days where she’ll have a whole array of toys and bunting and cushions…then a couple of weeks later you’ll be able to find us both at the Christmas Clutter CIty on December 12th at Norwich Arts Centre.

a stocking for Chloe

And this stocking was part of a commission I had a couple of years ago from Chloe Owens (she creates the most incredible appliqued cushions and also has published two books about sewing)……there was a stocking for Chloe, one for her boyfriend and one for her cat Twiggy….which just goes to show that I’m really not the only one who thinks stockings aren’t just for children.

Looking at these pictures is really making me crave a mince pie…….


9 thoughts on “Christmas stockings, snowmen and a pensive faced bunny……….

  1. I live near to Louth in Lincolnshire so am not sure about any of the fairs mentioned, but I have just learnt to crochet (I am crocheting the granny paperweight scarf from a stash of tapestry yarn my mum had!). What I am writing to you about is the lovely crochet green jacket the bunny is wearing next to your gorgeous stocking with the name Constance on it. I would love to know how this is done as I make clothes for my niece’s bunnies. Kind regards, Sally Simons

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    1. Hi Sally, glad to hear you’re using tapestry wool and I’m sure your scarf is going to look brilliant.
      Regarding the bunny’s cardigan, this is something my friend made so I don’t have a pattern for it…however most of the clothes Sasha makes for her dolls aren’t really designed to come off, often being stitched in such a way that once they are on…they’re on, and love nor money is going to get them off This cardigan is one of those little numbers….I guess you could experiment on large paper doileys before sewing into any vintage linens. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help x

  2. They are just so gorgeous. Abi was gifted a very large woolen blanket this week by her boyfriend’s mum, a beige colour with green stripes at the top. I immediately showed her your last post about the stockings, we both love them! Handmade gifts, stockings, advent calendars are a must in our house -Oh, don’t forget the fudge and mince pies too! I got my first batch of mince pies in the freezer this week, well, at least, the ones we didn’t eat 🙂 xx

    1. I made a big Advent Calender for my boyfriend the year I moved in with him and he said it’s one of his favourite parts of Christmas…then the next year we made one together for his sister’s family…I was hoping to make one for our friends in Norway this year but have run out of time…I always make our mince pies though our freezer is so tiny I can’t ever put any in there….and also make lemony Ricciarelli italian biscuits which his family like (recipe is on the blog and they are so good)…and gingerbread…one year I made lots of people gingerbread houses and it was so much fun and my whole house smelt wonderful.

      I love that you get to do crafty things with Abi, sadly Bernard is much more a hindrance but he’s nice company when I’m knitting x

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