It’s beginning to feel a lot like…….

A stocking for Charlie

I’ve spent the past couple of days quietly playing Christmassy music while I update my Folksy shop with Christmas stockings….and while it’s still too early for Johnny Mathius to be playing, I’m happy to listen to a little Enya* and Kate Bush** to help me feel a bit more seasonal…..

One of my favourite things I’ve made over the past few years have been these Christmas stockings…originally I made wee ones for my sisters and mum, filling them with a variety of old style gifts, walnuts, a handful of quality street, chocolate coins, a tiny bottle of Baileys, satsumas, a couple of hand made presents squished in there too….but I also make these proper big ones which if you’re little you can almost wiggle right down to the bottom of.

Kornelias stocking

These are some commissions that I had last year, Charlie’s stocking went off to Ireland, and Kornelia’s went to Norway.

ivos finished stocking

This one was made as a gift for our friends Adam and Goska, Ivo was the latest addition to their family of poppets….(I’m waving a big hello to Saski and Hania at this point….I think Hania can eat more pink smarties than anyone else I’ve ever met)

All the embroidery on the stockings is sewn by hand using a selection of tapestry wools.  The applique is all stitched too (yep, even those pink cheeks are sewn not glued)…I only use pure wool felt, the colours are lovely and soft and the felt itself is much nicer to work with.

little pink stockings

These are probably my favourite ones….I really like the small size, I think they’re ideal for filling with little things to keep anyone who wakes up too early entertained while you go and get the kettle on….crayons, tiny colouring books, a couple of chocolates or a satsuama….and I’ve checked, they’re also a perfect fit for posh bottles of scent or those little boxes that are lined in velvet and which have something expensive and twinkly inside.

stockings for the boys 005

These stockings were made for my friend Debbie’s two nephews Kielan and Nate…..I like to incorporate the soft stripes at the top of the vintage blanket but then I try not to overwhelm with too much applique…even for me, sometimes less is more.

All the stockings are fully lined using either recycled or vintage fabrics….

When I have a big pile of these on my table, embroidery wools and scraps of wool felt around me, I feel a bit like an extra from Santa’s workroom (I’m sorely tempted to make myself a hat like the elves wear in Elf….)

Christmas Dec 2nd 019

I’ve also made them for friends who like vintage things…it’s not hard to put together a nice present that doesn’t cost the earth (literally and for your purse)……admittedly the book didn’t quite fit but everything else fitted in fine, along with a little bottle of “Christmas Spirit”, nuts and a satsuama.

The first of the Christmas fairs where you can find me is a two day weekend event at Norwich Assembly House on 28th and 29th of November, on the 5th December I’ll be at Chantry Hall in Norwich for the Green Party Christmas Fair, and on the 12th December I’ll be at Norwich Arts Centre for the Clutter City Fair (and my friend Sasha who makes the wonderful toys will also be there, she’ll also be at Glory Days in Holt on the 28th November with a selection of toys, bunting and cushions.)

cat napping

And a quick picture for my friend Celine…here is your darling Bernard…he was my little assistant yesterday though he seemed to spend most of the time just napping, gently snoring and thankfully no trumpety tunes from his bottom.

*Enya …And Winter Came

**Kate Bush…50 Words for Snow


13 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel a lot like…….

  1. These are just gorgeous Ericka!! They are so professional and I would feel thoroughly spoiled to receive such a gorgeous stocking. I think Keelan and Nate’s are my favourites! I can picture you surrounded by felt and wools busy stitching, humming along to Christmas tunes, elf hat included 😉 I think I need to hunt out my Christmas chillout cd, it’s one of those that has christmassy snatches in the classical music but not too Christmassy for November. I shall look up your two. xx

    1. Thank you, I’ve even made them for people’s pets as well as for children…and yes, Bernard has one but it doesn’t have his name on it.
      They’re lovely to embroider but it’s a bit hard to feel in the mood when it’s all sunshiny and warm in the Summer months to get very far ahead, so now for the next few weeks I’ll be sewing stockings around the clock.

  2. Love them all. Ivo’s is my favourite. What a lovely collection of vintage books too. I have a vintage blanket that I accidentally felted and I love the idea of using it for a project like this.

  3. I love all of them, they have a lovely nostalgia about them. I made stockings for my boys and they look and feel so Christmassy. A good size is required for rummaging right down to the bottom. I like small ones to hang on the tree!

    1. Thank you…a few years ago I made a huge one for a local craft fair which had a lucky dip…I gave it to my friend Kelly who pretty much organizes Clutter City by herself and her little girl was able to use it like a sleeping bag x

      1. They’re a nice thing to make for children but I also have made them for elderly friends…”Joyce” was made for a lady who has been like an extra grandma to me and my sisters and I only ever called her by her surname, sadly she has dementia now and we call her by her Christian name as that is how she knows herself….she beamed when she saw it, and was so full of smiles x

      2. Stockings are like chocolate and certainly not just for children….I’ve made them for other friends who won’t see 21 again, my boyfriend and his parents all have one, as do my mum and sisters…..I even made myself one so wasn’t left out…. I did a tutorial a couple of years ago showing how to make one out of vintage wallpaper which I found was a good way to wrap a collection of very small gifts for friends…”stockings just for children”….shaking head and going off muttering to herself while putting the kettle on xx

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