Falling head over heels for a shawl, the most beautiful blue silk yarn and some second hand haberdashery treasure……

artesano silk robins egg blue

I think the knitting of the past week or so has made me all giddy headed…finally after being really confused by knitting patterns for years, a little light bulb has come on and I’m sort of understanding the instructions (there’s even been a bit of cabling* going on so I’ve been very excited about)….as a wee celebration (and as I had some money for a treat) I’ve bought some wool for shawl…at this point I must say that I’ve never knitted a shawl before and although I have seen many that I love,  I sort of was swept off my feet by this one…..isn’t it lovely….and when I read what Andrea had written about it I thought this would be a good shawl for me to begin with…..so feeling all inspired I’ve purchased the pattern and am all ready with needles aching to start knitting…..

I would never just go into a shop and buy fabric for a dress and just guess how much fabric I’d need but that’s pretty much what I did onThursday at my local yarn shop…(the lady who runs it is very lovely and patient with me and must think I’m a right loon…)…I’ve used Artesano wool before when I edged my grannies paperweight shawl (so I’ve crocheted a shawl just not knitted one) and also last year when I made tif’s lovely warm and woolly scarf….I’ve also got some in a bag upstairs waiting to be knitted in that gorgeous Autumny leaf turning orange……

So never making things easy for myself, I’m going to have a try at knitting this shawl in a completely different weight yarn to the one it advises and am going to try….dah da da dah….(scary horror film music here) to us a pair of circular knitting needles (which I’m fretting about already…I bought some a few years back from Loop in London so they are all fancy, but being metal I’m a bit worried they’re going to make my fingers go all cold…boo hiss for Reynaud’s)…..

The blue wool is Artesano silk and is robin’s egg blue….so while it was a bit of an impulse buy which I try not to do, and wasn’t quite the right weight yarn I’d intended to purchase (actually I had to guess which weight I needed as I’d forgotten to right it down which is why it’s completely different to the one I should have bought)….it made me so happy I was fair skipping out of the shop.  It’s been stroked and cosseted to high heaven and I’m just about to wrap it around my feet to wind into a ball (Bernard is snorring on the bed so I think this is safe to do) and then the knitting will begin…….

fabric and threads and buttons

It’s very rare when I’ve walked into Norwich and don’t manage to find a few minutes to spend pottering about in the St Gregory’s Antique Centre in Pottergate…although I like having a slow amble, looking round all the stalls, quite often I just put my head round the door and see if anything new has appeared in Jenny’s haberdashery which is my favourite stall …..the haberdashery gods must have been smiling indeed as I came away with a proper bundle of loveliness….

First up was this beautiful floral print fabric, I’m pretty sure it’s synthetic but it feels lovely and has such a nice drape…not sure what is going on with my camera as in the picture it looks all coral and apricot but in fact it’s a lovely soft vintagey pink (the palest salmon pink)…there was over 3 metres of it and it’s quite wide, certainly enough for a dottie angle frock (as I’m fast finding I can’t really have enough of those….I’m starting to wonder what on earth I wore before I made mine as I’ve pretty much worn one every day since I’ve started making them…they’re just so comfy)

moss green and light clematis threads

I’d seen the buttons the other week when I’d been looking around her stall and as there were still a few packets left and I’d rather lost my heart to them as were such pretty colours…..decided on a bird’s egg blue and a soft green.

And it’s hard to resist buying a few reels of thread while I’m there…I’ve chosen rather Spring-like colours, light clematis, moss green, cornflower, wedgewood blue and sugar cane…though a couple of greys found their way into the selection including my favourite light slate as I tend to use the greys a lot with my patchwork (and they seem the hardest colour to source)……

coral and apricot coloured soft tapestry wool

Jenny who has the stall is a really nice lady and in the past when I’ve chatted to her I’d told her all about how I crochet with tapestry yarn and so she’d kindly bought in all these hanks (is that the right word) of tapestry wool and wondered if they’d be suitable…..lovely and soft, beautiful colours (a lot of the wool is Rowan so ooohhh proper posh!!)…and as I’ve been practising my knitting I’m thinking they’d probably knit up rather nicely.

Pretty coral and apricot, mustard and some softer beigy tones…..some of the wool is more for crewel embroidery than tapestry but I liked the colours so much and think they’ll be fine if I use them doubled up.birds egg blue tapestry woolsI couldn’t resist these blues, delicate bird’s egg shades (the colour of the day for me I think.)

One of the blues “hanks” is in fact short lengths of crewel wool which is fine, I’ve already got embroidery plans for it and then I’ll just use a few strands together at a time.

*not sure if that is what you call cable knitting…cabling…it sounds right to me anyway.


9 thoughts on “Falling head over heels for a shawl, the most beautiful blue silk yarn and some second hand haberdashery treasure……

  1. Oooh, such gorgeous goodies, I love it all! I can imagine the fabric as a Dottie Angel dress. I am using circular needles for my knitted shawl and I love them so much. I prefer them to normal needles and the weight hangs in your lap rather on the needles. I suppose you could put the metal part of the needles into some really hot water for a few seconds before using them although I think they will probably soon warm up. The shawl pattern is beautiful and looks lovely in the blue, perfect match for a couple of your Dottie A dresses 🙂 xx

    1. I had such a great day shopping, I even found some books I’d been after for ages in a charity shop…plus the market had lovely Muscat Italian grapes which were golden and ripe, so delicious….
      I love the sound of wooden needles, they’re so comforting and are what to me “knitting” sounds like…not so keen on the clickety click of the metal…I just couldn’t resist the shawl xx

  2. That shawl pattern is lovely, no wonder you are drawn to knitting it. I wish knitting would make sense to me! I need to keep trying. The colours you have chosen are so pretty. I love the orange, coral tones. I grew up on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and it was always a treat to go to Norwich and the market and antique shops. I am so pleased they are still there. Thank you for another inspirational post.

    1. Days out with trips up to Norwich were part and parcel of my childhood, picnic lunchs in the castle moat gardens and school visits to Strangers Hall and The Bridewell Museum…then as a teenager it was all Head in The Clouds and St. Benedicts Indoor Market (sadly pulled down some years ago though I did work in there for a few years…scorchy hot in the Summer and freezing cold in the Winter)…the outdoor market has changed some but it’s still got lots of very good stalls where I love to shop.
      Just persevere with the knitting…there are some really good tutorials on youtube which are very helpful (my favourite place is the casting on couch) xx

      1. Ooooh that makes me want to go back again. My Dottie Angel dress pattern has arrived and I am very excited and very scared! Will let you know how I get on. On a crochet note, have you seen Jane Crow’s Magic Lantern scarf? It would look stunning in the colours you used for your paperweight scarf.

      2. Yay, I’m all excited for you…tdon’t forget to check the sixzing on the back as my pattern was in US sizing (haven’t worn a “small” for a few years so it makes me very happy)…don’t be scared, just pop on the kettle if you get flustered at all…ooohhh just looked at the scarf….it reminds me of old fashioned Christmas decorations (the paper thin glass ones that would seem to break if you so much as breathed on them) xx

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