Seed pods of velvet and wild chamomile……..

black and velvety broom seeds

We’re waking to another bleak looking and rather chilly morning, it won’t be long before I only brave the kitchen floor while wearing a pair of fat, red thermal socks which I prefer to slippers (they’re as old as the hills but are so warm and comfy to wear)…..the sky is the palest washed out tint, like the last blue in a woad dye bath before anything else that’s dipped comes out pink, but thankfully it’s dry so I can go out and pick a mix of wildlings and crab apples to make up a batch of apple jelly for Winter gravies and sauces.

I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s turned from Summer to Autumn, although it’s only the horse chestnut leaves that really have that Autumn look about them (though I half saw a conker still in it’s husk on Monday but chose to look away and ignore it…once conkers appear then that’s  it for Summer and I keep hoping we’ll get some more warm weather days)…

The last of the wild flowers are looking a bit thin on the ground but I think I’ve seen more this year, that or the cows going late on the pastures meant more flourished and bloomed.  But the ones that have dawdled and still remain are all beautiful and include a couple of favourites.

I’m not sure whether broom counts, when it’s in flower it’s all bright yellow and sunshine, heavily scented like gorse, but then the seed pods appear all small and velvety like the tiniest little donkey ears.


The odd patch of meadowsweet can still be found, and generally you don’t have to wait long for a fat bee to appear, ready to tumble and roll itself in pollen.

wild chamomile

The wild chamomile is almost at an end now, in the Summer there were huge swathes where if just bending down and brushing your hand over the plant filled the air with it’s soft soporific scent. I t’s quite dense growing and there are patches all along the river bank where the warmth of the sun is enough to release that beautiful warm perfume, soft and hazy,  it’s hard to walk fast there, each step is slowly taken.

greater plantain

Finally patches of plantain, this one is greater plantain (which is also called rat’s tail because of it’s scaly looking long flower)…I prefer common plantain with it’s brown head surrounded by a halo of tiny opening flowers but there is something about the overall shape that I find very appealing.

Along with little sketches made over the summer, notes and scribbles of flowers and plants combine with these photos as a source of inspiration when I’m embroidering and sewing all ready for Winter craft fairs. Sometimes it’s hard to remember particular colours or moods but quite often the oddest little scribble or thumbnail observation will return it all in a flood of inspiration.


4 thoughts on “Seed pods of velvet and wild chamomile……..

  1. A lovely end of summer walk. I feel as though I could reach and touch the screen and would feel the velvet softness of those pods! How lovely to sit down with all those memories and notes during the winter months and re-create them in embroidery. x

    1. You always say the nicest things x
      I never seem to find all the flowers I press, and quite often give myself a right old start by having a flower fall into my lap when I’m reading a book (I always think it’s a spider…a piece of lavender fell on my shoulder the other day and I think I jumped near out of my skin, I certainly startled the cat who was asleep next to me) xx

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