there’s something lurking under the apple trees…..

rosy and red

It barely seems 5 minutes ago I was sharing pictures of the apple blossom in the garden, soft and billowy white blooms….now, as if by magic, they’ve been transformed in to proper fairy tale apples, all red and rosy.  We’ve only got small trees and they never have the biggest harvests but the fruit they produce is lavished with love, often cooked in paper thin tarts or a tarte tatin if we have company when the apples are ready.

apples in the garden

We’ve got three trees in total and each one is a different variety.  Only two seem to have any apples (we’re thinking of moving the last tree as I suspect it’s not getting enough light and apple trees do like sunshine) ….we’ve got a big laurel tree in the corner and it casts that whole section of the garden in shadow, so if we move one of the apple trees it will be to plant it up in a big pot for the patio……I’m not sure what varieties they are but they’re ones that double up, being good for both eating and cooking.

This year we seem to have a nice little harvest out there, so I’m thinking to bake a Sunday apple cake as I thought it would be nice to make one using apples from the garden.  Even though my boyfriend is somewhat of a chocolate fiend, Sunday apple cake is still his first choice when I ask what cake shall I make.

If we had more space I’d be tempted to get a peach tree… of our neighbours has one growing up the front of his house, it’s south facing so gets lots of light and as it’s against the wall it’s also benefiting from the warmth given off by the brickwork.  In the Spring when the peach tree is covered in huge blossoms we always stop and admire it, it’s really breathtaking, and then in the summer when the branches are covered with fat fuzzy peaches it’s just wonderful to see….one of the sights when I’m walking to the shops that never fails to left my spirits and make me smile.

Bernard amongst the strawberries

For some time now we’ve suspected Bernard had a new hideout in the garden, we knew about under the hydrangea bush, under the rosemary bush, behind the water butt, under the ornamental cherry (it’s branches hang right low down and touch the gravel so he has a shady arbour to relax in)…but there are times when he’s called in the evening to come on indoors and although we can hear him we just can’t see him……When I was photographing the apple trees I heard a tinkle and looked round, no cat….then another tinkle and so I looked down, parted the raspberries that have now grown up around the apple trees and which are fast taking over….and saw a tuft of grey.

The best view came from stepping back and squatting down a bit…there peering over the last of the wild strawberries were two pale green eyes blinking back at me.

bob being shy

Well I thought he was staring at me but when I turned round I saw Bob from next door wriggling around under the bird bath looking totally adorable even though he’s in our bad books after he was caught using the fleece that is covering our lettuces as a hammock….everything underneath is somewhat flattened and when asked what he thought he was doing, he just looked up and slowly blinked, mewed then stretched out, squashing even more little lettuces in the process.

Most days Bernard and Bob are to be found cuddling together on the patio or sitting on the back door step while Bernard is gives Bob’s face a wash, or one is chasing the other down the path from the playground (there’s a hole in the hedge where they nip in) before they come roaring through the house only to bolt back outside when we shout “what the blazes is going on….”

If I’m sitting outside sewing, inevitably it will only be minutes before one or both of them come over to see what I’m about, then it’s lids on sewing baskets or thread and floss is snatched and ends up goodness knows where.

6 thoughts on “there’s something lurking under the apple trees…..

    1. Actually I really hate cooked fruit, the only exceptions being blackberries and blackcurrants… though I love jam…it’s very odd.
      I’m happy to make tarts and crumbles and pies and the apple cake for my boyfriend though he puts up with Bernard being naughty in the very early hours of the morning xx

    1. Ooohhh Tuxedo cats are gorgeous (I used to have one called Jimmy…his mama was a stray and over the course of 2 days she bought home 5 tiny eyes still closed kittens….I had him for 17 years and he was such a soppy and softy cat)…..
      Though we only have Bernard there are days when there are 3 sunbathing cats all stretched out on the patio…Bob from next door has become so confident he saunters in the house and eats Bernard’s old man cat food (hoping it doesn’t give him the wind like it seems to give Bernard….) and he’ll happily jump up on my lap when I’m sitting on the back door step with a cup of tea…his sister (who is a teenage mum…no grey fluffy ones so Bernard is in the clear) is a little more timid but still likes a chin tickle.
      There’s a playground the other side so this time of year it can get a bit noisy but on the whole it is lovely and peaceful xx

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