a garden of soft and soporific blue………..

lavender hued rosemary blossoms

Sadly these soft dreamy inducing hues are now but a distant memory, a struggling to remember dream when the garden was gentle and blue….while the rosemary flowers  last they’re gathered to use in the kitchen, delicate tasting  blossoms are picked and scattered over warm pasta dishes and salads… each year I think about making biscuits (and always forget) …..now the rosemary is bare for another year but on hot days there’s almost a haze of scent around it…pungent and strongly perfumed oils fill the garden from one, not even particularly large, little bush.

When it all gets too much Bernard (and now Bob from next door) will inevitably wriggle themselves underneath and flop out in the shade it gives…the patio feels cool beneath it and they’ll happily nap together out there all morning.

purple blossoms on the catnip

The first of the Summer catnip has been harvested and I’m keeping my fingers crossed no-one will nibble the new growth so I’ll be able to cut more in September….we used to have a nice big patch under our window which the bees loved however it suddenly disappeared and I’m suspecting Bob knows something about it.

I love the scent of fresh catnip…(and while I’ll put my hand up to being a crazy cat lady I’m not that crazy…it’s much more heady than the horrible old dry stuff sold in pet shops, the smell is quite herby, a bit like a mint crossed with oregano…….it’s a nice smell dad smell and one that is always hard to place…)  It can have a bit of a soporifc effect on people and in the past I’ve used a little in a herbal sachet to have under my pillow ….though not such a good idea if you have a cat that is effected by “nip”.

forget me not flowers

Even the little forget-me-nots have gone, it’s too hot for them now and they’ve wilted quicker than I have, but within another few weeks they’ll appear again, it’s a very rare Summer when they appear just the once.

At the start of each Summer we get a blanket of blue all along the sides of the steps, poking up between cracks in the path and patio, softening edges like an artists thumb smear of pastel.

I took the pictures a few weeks ago now as I had some ideas for more botancial embroideries but I got all distracted and head turned by a work basket full of hexagons so these have been sitting all forgotten about, however when it’s all hot and sticky, too sunny and bright like today, then it’s nice to look at them and think of cooler hued blossoms.

soporific blues

Seeing this little assortment of blue threads yesterday in one of Norwich’s many junkety/antique/you never know quite what you’ll find in there shops, made me smile as they reminded me of the above forgotten flowers and embroidery intentions….. though the shades themselves are very different to what we had in the garden, I couldn’t resist buying them as the colours made happy and my heart leap…also they were £1 for the lot and you can’t get a lot cheaper than that….some of the heavier threads are really more suited to use for embroidery…and even if it’s a bit on the thick side to get through the fabric it’ll look wonderful whipped through some herringbone stitches on a border.


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