Wisps of torn fairy dress silk and a halo of plantain blossom…….

ragged robin in the pastures

Finally it seems that Summer has arrived, after weeks of only so so weather last week was filled with lovely and warm sun-shiny days, afternoons where it was all hot and sticky, and home made cordials and ice-creams were made and quickly eaten…..

When it’s cooler I tend to go for an afternoon walk but now it’s hot I tend to pop my shoes on and head out in the morning, sometimes it’s a detour, the long way round to the local shops, but more often than not it’s going outside just for the sheer pleasure it gives me to be outside and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Right now the meadows and pastures over the marshes are in full flower, the cows are still on other fields so the flowers this year have been allowed to grow undisturbed…. they seem more lush than in previous years and certainly I’m seeing such an abundance of flowers.  Many of the flowers I remember from learning their names when I was younger though some have been forgotten, but the countryside is a bit different here to where I grew up and so last year I decided to learn the names of as many of the wild flowers that grow near my home as possible…not a resolution but something I wanted to do.  It’s lovely walking and rather than just thinking “flowers”, I’m seeing names now along with the different coloured flowers and plants.

Most days when I go out I take a couple of books with me and a small sketchbook in which to scribble flowers and grasses, taking notes for future embroideries and the odd colour combinations for patchwork.  I also tuck a few pieces of blotting paper between the pages so I can take the odd cutting as a keepsake.

ragged robin

Ragged robin is one of my favourite wild flowers, tiny wisps of petal that look like torn fragments of fairy dress silk….I love the colour and the way the delicate, barely there petals flutter and dance in the slightest breeze…..last year I saw barely any on here but this year the small meadow as you walk in on the marshes is a feast of mauve and rippling blossom.

buttercups and red clover

The red clover is everywhere, huge swathes of soft purple covers the ground.  I love the fat round shape of the flower head, a plump ball of petals….perfectly shaped for embroidering with a mass of bullion stitches.

red and white clover

I love seeing where big patches of white clover grows in amongst the red…..a real mix of colour with the buttercups

stitchwork looks like tiny stars

Like tiny shining stars scattered amongst the grass and vetch….speckles of the brightest white stitchwort almost gleams in the sunlight.

meadow buttercup

The meadow buttercups are growing so high this year….in part I guess because the cows haven’t moved on to this part of the meadow so the flowers are allowed to grow as they please…another few weeks and they’ll all be munched down.

Right now the meadows are waist deep in golden blossoms.

yellow rattle

The meadows truly look golden with all the yellow blossoms, amongst the meadow buttercups yellow rattle is growing thicker than I’ve ever seen before….unlike some of the other flowers it’s not limited to one or two areas but it’s growing everywhere, each meadow is as sun-shiny yellow as the saltiest English butter.


Plantain…another favourite flower…It can look a bit boring to start with, just a dull, khaki green colour but then it slowly begins to blossom and the head erupts with a halo of delicate tiny white flowers which move up the lozenge shaped head….

speedwell on the marshes

Amongst the shorter grass worn flat by years of dog walkers and people just out and about like myself there are carpets of germander speedwell….some people call it forget me not but in truth it’s a speedwell, sometimes it’s called cat’s-eye speedwell, or bird’s-eye speedwell…..  Tiny petals which are the most intense blue, each one flecked with white stripes.  We’ve had this in the garden, growing around the rocket in a raised bed and also appearing near the compost bins…it’s such a pretty and dainty little flower and apparently is a good luck charm for travellers….. if I was a sock knitter I’d want to knit socks with tiny speedwell blossoms over them to wear when I was out walking.


4 thoughts on “Wisps of torn fairy dress silk and a halo of plantain blossom…….

    1. Thank you…it’s really lovely there at the moment, there are also some orchids growing amongst the other flowers but all my pictures of those were blurry you’d have thought I was tipsy x

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