Summer strolling part one and an incident with the cat……

marsh view five

Yesterday was one of those gloriously warm and weather perfect days, lovely blue skies and plenty of sunshine…thanks to a furry gentleman with a very high pitched mew I was awake much earlier than I’d intended (once I’m awake I’m awake, I find it hard to fall back asleep)…but I was able to catch up on a bit of sewing, cup of tea in hand, before the rest of the house stirred….

I gathered some salad leaves from the garden (we’ve had to plant again as the cats next door had managed to squeeze in under the plastic cover of our mini poly-tunnel then they’d rolled and played and done all sorts of unpleasantries n the lettuce bed….) for packed lunches and there were even enough tiny wild strawberries to scatter over breakfasts…early morning foraging from my own garden is one of my favourite parts of summer, another month and I’ll be feasting on the first of the raspberries…..

My other favourite part of the Summer is how magically the marshes near our house suddenly burst into colour and bloom…right now the pastures and river bank are a mass of colour and although it isn’t a short cut down to the shops…it’s breath-takingly beautiful……..

marsh view six

I really wanted to show how still and peaceful it is here….I live just a couple of miles out of Norwich so am in easy walking distance of the best lattes and coffee, but at the same time, just a few minutes stroll brings me here……it’s nice to walk here all round the year, even when there is flooding there is still a route round thanks to some raised areas, but if I’m truly honest this is when I think it’s best…..

Once I leave my house I turn left and walk down a little hill, a couple of hundred metres at most, and then I pass through a gap in the hedge, walk across a lane and then open and go through the little wooden side gate in the top picture…..

marsh view seven

And then I’m here……I’m standing maybe 50 metres or so from the gate and have taken pictures rotating round so you get to see the full view…….the marshes are divided into four fields and last year the cows were in this pasture but they’re still over at another field for the moment… don’t need to watch quite where you step as much as when the the cows are here…..

marsh view one

The flowers are so abundant this year, mostly it’s yellow rattle which I’m sure wasn’t here last year, meadow buttercups like you wouldn’t believe (maybe it’s a good year for yellow flowers as I know everyone has such there seems to be an increase in dandelions and buttercups this year)…red clover, sorrel with red fluttery seeds and petals, white clover,stitch-wort and ragged robin……as you walk through the gate there’s a mass of cow parsley to the left which smells lovely and soft outside….(but I’m not keen on the scent indoors)…..

marsh view two

I love how the flowers change so quickly in different areas of the meadow…the ragged robin is barely there to the left side but on my right there were lovely smudges of that pinky mauve….like tiny tattered shreds left over from a fairy ball. held under moonlight and danced amongst the wild flowers….to the left side there is a little stream and a few weeks ago the banks were adorned with yellow flag (it’s also called yellow iris)….it seems to have all faded along this part now though but there is still some growing further up…..

marsh view three

It’s so quiet and tranquil here….you see a few dog walkers but generally in the week the people you see can be counted on one hand, two if it’s the afternoon….weekends are another matter and then lots more people come here (but even then we never see more than a couple of dozen in all)…….last year I came here a few times with a book and sat on one of the little seats that are dotted around for an hour or so, other times I bought some patchwork and did some hand sewing on my “dear ethel” blocks…..just enjoying the peace and stillness……(note to self…remember the sunblock, a couple of times I got quite burnt sitting here…I never learn and then end up looking like I’ve sat on a freshly painted red bench)

marsh view four

This is more towards the right hand side and the walk over the marsh takes you along the top corner of trees and hedgerow….there’s a gate at the end of the meadow which leads through to a pathway down to the railway crossing, and then from there it’s not far to the shops…..

Along under the trees are some of the blackberry bushes where I came foraging last summer, I’ve only just finished the last of the blackberry preserves so will be looking forward to seeing the berries start appearing, the blossom is already out, beautiful and milky white, covered with tumbling plump buzzing bees all dusty with pollen.  There are also some good spots here for sloe picking.

This was such a lovely start to my day yesterday…….I came home, caught up on the ironing, did some tidying and then when coming down the stairs, had to miss a stair to avoid Bernard who was all sprawled out on one of them, and managed to fall down on my knees and tumble down the rest…..I now have a massive bruise down my arm and my knees look like they were when I was small and into tree climbing and making dens…black and blue all over.. the only thing broken was a finger nail so I guess I should be thankful but I’m afraid the cat did get called a couple of new names.


3 thoughts on “Summer strolling part one and an incident with the cat……

  1. I’m a bit back to front on my blog reading today! Oh, Bernard, you naughty cat. I hope he makes up for it and gives you a lie in tomorrow. I do hope don’t feel too sore now. I love the idea of taking my sewing and sitting in a meadow. Xx

    1. Hi Sharon, yeah I’m still feeling sore, my poor legs are black and blue all over, though as I’m of an age where hot pants no longer appeal at least leggings and a frock cover up how awful they look…my arm is a mass of yellow and blue and is rather swollen, so I’m not on best terms with the cat at the moment xx

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