A honey and spelt sourdough and some fancy sausage rolls…..

sunday spelt sourdough

It’s been a glorious and sunny weekend, finally it feels like summer and the hot water bottle and wooly scarves have been tucked away (fingers crossed I won’t need them for a few months at least…..)

I was hoping to have a lay in of sorts this morning, but Bernard had other ideas so was up at 5 o’clock making the day’s first pot of tea, but at least it meant I was able to make an early start with the sourdough.  I like to leave the sponge for a couple of hours to do it’s thing and bubble gently away…..and then later I left the dough covered outside in the sunshine while we went out for a pre-lunch walk over the marshes…..I forgot to buy seeds on Friday so today’s bread is  just a simple spelt and honey sourdough based on my regular bread recipe, no fancy extras …but it smells lovely, quite nutty and sweet.

sausage rolls with pastry leaves

And while the bread dough was proving and waiting to go into the oven, I used up some pastry that was in the fridge to make these little sausage rolls for my boyfriend’s lunch…he insists that pastry topped pies taste better when I’ve made little leaves and berries to decorate the tops…so I thought I’d spoil him and decorate the sausage rolls with teeny little pastry leaves (I made leaves for 5 of the sausage rolls then I thought “oh blow this” as I got a bit bored)….I use quorn cocktail sausages and I like to make my own pastry*….mostly I make double the amount I need and wrap what is left in clingfilm and keep it in the fridge …..and then I know I’ve got it to use a couple of days later……if there is a bit of extra pastry left then I use it to make some cinnamon biscuits as they are very popular with mister tummy tumpkins too…..

*I figure every cloud has a silver lining….and as a long time sufferer of Reynard’s I’ve found my cold little hands do make for a nice light pastry!


3 thoughts on “A honey and spelt sourdough and some fancy sausage rolls…..

    1. the biscuits are so popular with mister tummy tumpkins that if I don’t make a half dozen or so when I’m baking a pie there’s a bit of a strop and the bottom lip comes out x

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