Cherry Blossom pink and fluttering fledglings……

a riot of bright pink blossoms


When our little cherry tree fully blossoms I’m always amazed at how bright it is …I’m not sure how I forget but each year I’m surprised all over again by the intense pink flowers that cover it from head to toe…..I took these photos a couple of weeks back in April, we had some days when it was really hot and super sun-shiney (more like Summer than Spring)….

The past week has had the top branch lined with tiny Robin fledglings, wings all a tremble and flittering, calling for their parents to feed them….to begin with we only saw one (and he was a bit wobbly in flight, crashing into our kitchen window and giving himself a bit of a headache, Bernard went over to investigate and was promptly brought indoors, a parent Robin soon appeared on the door step and within minutes baby had caught it’s breath and was back up in a tree.)  Then within a day or so, two more fledgling Robins appeared, and life in the garden is centred on getting them fed.

(the feeder at the top was a present and such a clever idea, it uses an old plastic bottle and the piece that dispenses food and allows the birds to stand just screws on where the cap used to be….the smaller birds really seem to like this in part I think because it’s too small for the pigeons.)


orange pink yellow and red


I love this little back corner of the garden, it’s a bit messy at the back under the Laurel tree…along the back fence is a huge patch of comfrey which we add to the compost to help speed it up.  When the tulips and cherry blossom are both out then its so colourful, red, pink, orange wallflowers and tiny pin-pricks of yellow from the cowslips.

To the left are our apple trees , blossoms like prom corsages adorn each branch.  Underneath is one of the strawberry beds, what started out a few plants has become total ground cover..tiny wild and alpine strawberries have over time cross pollinated and form different tasting fruits around the garden.


pink and orange flowering blossoms


When the blossom covered cherry branches reach down to the wall-flowers then the mix of bright pink and orange flowers is a feast for my eyes…..combinations of colour are scribbled down in sketchbooks to use later for patchwork, embroidery and crochet.


the brightes blossoms


All year round we hang bird feeders off the branches, it’s too sunny now for the fatty ones so instead they get cleaned and are filled with sheep fleece for nest making….all the tits seem particularly keen on the fleece and a pair of gold-finches have been most entertaining as they pull at it, wrapping the fleece fibers around themselves like candy floss….

We’ve also got a feeder closer to the house but this one is opposite the kitchen so washing up dishes never seems a chore when all I have to do is look up and see the tree covered in blossom and birds….most days the tree is a feeding station to at least half a dozen different birds…

We get a lot of tits (little blue tits and the super sized great tits, coal tits, and long tailed ones, march and willow tits….) then gold finches, black birds, robins, tree sparrows, dunnocks,chaffinches, collared doves, starlings…these we see pretty much everyday so each morning starts with a top up of food, generally while one of the Robins sits in the tree a foot or so away waiting so he’ll be first in line.


weighted down branches


I love the shape of the blossom, big wide open petals and the tiny stamens inside, a mix of pink and yellow.  Even the leaves have a pinky green hue.  If left alone then the branches grow too long, draping down and taking over the garden so we regularly keep them trimmed just off the ground.

A few times I’ve gone out and found Bob from next door in the tree, I’m not sure how he’s wriggled himself in amongst the branches, it’s a pretty tight fit and it takes him a minute or so to untangle himself….he’s seen by the birds and they all wit on the top of the fence or in the Laurel tree staring down at him and crossly chirruping…I’m never sure if Bob has been egged on by Bernard, he just sits on the door step or on the path watching Bob being naughty, then when I go out to see what is going on, Bernard runs over, tail in the air and rubs round me, purring and looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth…Bob meanwhile is still tangled up and is frantically trying to make his get away.


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