Delightful dottie’s happy hanger how-to…..

crocheted hangers


Some years ago I well and truly lost my heart to these beautiful crocheted hangers that the delightful dottie angel had made…at the time all my hangers were rather too wide to work this pattern quite as nicely as I’d have liked, so while not forgetting about them just never expected to own a little collection of my own.

But then a few weeks ago I walked a different way into town and found some rather grotty covered hangers that after a bit of prodding and poking,  I realized were the skinny minnies that I needed for Tif’s happy hanger how to.   I bought a handful (as many as the purse would allow at the end of a week) and walked off with a lumpy bumpy shopping bag and feeling very pleased with my purchase and thinking I knew what I’d be doing once I got 5 minutes for myself.


hangers inspired by dottie angel


Those 5 minutes have been a while in coming….but as it was a bit of a wet and windy Bank holiday I settled down on the sofa with a bag of yarn and some crochet hooks and made a beautiful pile of crocheted cosies.

I already had the yarn (it’s mostly Rowan cotton and a couple of vintagey synthetic yarns). I followed Tif’s pattern pretty much to the T, only really changing my hook size.  Not sure if that was because I was using Brittany wooden hooks and they come up a bit big maybe…anyway I used a 3.75 for the main colour and then when I joined the two pieces together I went down to a 3.25.

Anyway, beautiful new hangers are jangling proudly in my wardrobe, and I’m just waiting now for the dottie angle frock pattern to be released.  (I’ve been hoarding dress fabric for a while to make some of these with)


2 thoughts on “Delightful dottie’s happy hanger how-to…..

  1. At risk of making you turn beetroot red…I love the hangers 😉 I need to do something with some of my hangers to stop the clothes falling off and I had considered just double crocheting all around as they have the bar at the bottom and it would be quick and easy but maybe I need to be a bit more adventurous and make something pretty! Sharon x

    1. Yep, am all pink cheeked! (thank you x)
      I make children’s hangers from vintage wool blankets and then sew on tiny felt bunny faces…sadly a bit too small for my clothes.
      This was a nice easy pattern and I think if you use a thicker ppattern it should fit modern day hangers fine. There is also a lovely pattern in Jane Brocket’s The Gentle Art of Knitting, simple enough that even I was able to make them (using Jamieson’s of Shetland wool made them look really fancy)

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