Sunday’s sourdough loaves……

sourdough and seed bread


Over the weekend I made a couple of sourdough loaves, one for sandwiches one for breakfast toast.  To save a bit of time I made up a big batch of the dough sponge (starter, honey, flour, oats and water) and then once it had been allowed to bubble and do it’s thing, I then split it in two to make the two different loaves.


sourdough bread with a mix of seeds


Normally I use the smallest sprinkle of dry yeast in with the starter as I find this makes for a lighter loaf, and gives a nicer crumb, however my mind was elsewhere and I completely forgot to add any, though I’d used about 200g of starter which is a bit more than I normally start with so both loaves still rose up okay.

The sandwich loaf is a mix of spelt flour and organic bread flour from Shipton Mill, with a handful of sesame and sunflower seeds thrown in for good measure.


spelt and seed sourdough bread


It smelt amazing when it came out of the oven and taking pictures next morning made me feel like I just wanted to cut off a big chunk, wrap it up with some sheep’s cheese and fruit and go out for a long walk….sadly I know a breakfast like that would cause me the world of gyp and pain, so instead used it for sandwiches for my boyfriend’s lunch (with rocket and chives from the garden).


spelt and fruit sourdough


I also used spelt flour for the breakfast loaf, but then added some of the spiced sugar I ‘d made up for the little pastry biscuits from a few weeks ago, along with a handful of sultanas and mixed peel…….I wish I could share the smell of it baking with you…eye closingly wonderful, spicy, warm….everything you want a fruity loaf to be.


fruity sourdough


It felt a bit on the weighty side so I was rather worried it was going to be rather brick like inside, but the boyfriend assured me that although it was quite robust, it wasn’t heavy, that the crumb was still crumbly and it got a big thumbs up for breakfast toast.

Normally I make a big sourdough loaf a couple of times a weeks, (working from home gives me the luxury of being able to potter back and forth attending to it, but really for the most part the dough is quite happy being left alone while I go off and sew) and never think to split the sponge into two for different breads, so I was quite pleased with how these both turned out.

The pretty background cloth is a gorgeous vintage dirndl apron bought back some years ago from Germany.  It’s such a nice print, and the pinny itself is full of tiny gathers along a fat and wide waistband.


6 thoughts on “Sunday’s sourdough loaves……

    1. I like to wear the pinny when I’m baking (it makes me feel like a mountain aired fraulein, especially when I’m wearing my hair up in heidi style braids)…seriously I am a lazy person but I love baking bread, it’s so relaxing. I just have to remember to get the starter out of the fridge first thing so it comes up to room temp. And after some hours spent stitching, the kneading is a lovely workout for my fingers and hands xx

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