Quilts in shadows and sunshine…..

baptist fan pattern


I’m just finishing off the binding on the two star quilts but thought you’d like to see the two quilts hanging out in the sunshine once all the quilting on them was finished.

The baptist fan pattern has come out really well in the pictures of this quilt, the pattern was worked from left to right starting  at the bottom left corner.


quilt one in the sunshine


I’m particularly pleased with how the edges of the patchwork are softened and the different colours blend and almost merge together as the fan crosses over them.

I love how the sunlight really catches the tiny ridges and ripples formed by the hand quilting……


translucent patchwork and quilting


From the back the patchwork is almost translucent in the sunshine…the light flows through the fabric and wadding to reveal seam folds where fabric is doubled up, and the quilting appears fainter, almost ghost like.


rumpled and puckered hand quilting


Moments later the light shifts and the spectral quality is lost, the hand quilting ripples and puckers  are revealed again.

This pattern is showing clearer in the pictures, one strong curve on top of the arc and then three almost apple bites beneath as it fits into the two fans below it. (I hope that makes sense)


baptist fan quilting on quilt two


The pictures of the quilting in the second quilt haven’t come out quite so strongly, the fan was worked slightly differently, starting in the right hand bottom corner, and placing the curves centrally.  This was the pattern I used for my boyfriend’s quilt and I like the bottom of curve better…it seems neater to the eye.  It’s a bit more tricky as you diagonally upwards rather than straight along and it’s harder to keep the pattern true.


second star quilt with hand quilting


I’m pleased with my choice of fabric for the border, a softer floral print than the yellows used in the main patchwork.  Initially I wasn’t planning on a border but then thought it would show off the pieced stars better and allow the quilting design to flow over the quilt better.


hand quilting puckers in the sunshine and shadows


However I love the pictures from the back, the quilting shape is much more defined, and you can see more clearly now the difference in the bottom edge of the fan pattern…the design seems a little softer and the top arc of the fan seems wider although I don’t think it is, a trick of the eye perhaps.


hand quilting on the back


I’ve used a soft yellow floral print on the back of them both, when I bought it it was more because I liked the print and general overall softness of it rather than thinking about how it sat with the fabrics chosen for the front…..however when it came to picking fabric for the border I felt it combined with the pieced patchwork really well….luckily I’d ordered a bit extra so there was just enough to use.

Both quilts were marked using a blue water erasable pen and although they’ll both be washed once the binding is all sewn in place, I’ve gently sprayed and patted over with some folded over white fabric to remove as much of the blue now.  I’ve never had a trouble with removing it myself, though I know people who have had some problems in the past.  (it’s possible that if you leave it on fabric for a long time then it may not be water erasable, so I try to remember to remove it once a section has been quilted).


8 thoughts on “Quilts in shadows and sunshine…..

  1. They are so, so beautiful. I love the reverse photo with the patchwork showing through. The quilting looks amazing, it is just so neat. You must be so pleased with them! Sharon x

    1. Hi Sharon, thank you so much…yeah I am, I always feel like I’m being a bit big headed or showing off when I say that, but these have come out so well I’d be daft to say otherwise. All that time spent planning design schemes, playing and painting up papers, choosing fabric has I think paid off nicely.
      Hope I’ve inspired you to do more quilting xx

      1. Oh, it has definitely paid off! I have got a small quilting project bubbling around in my head. Once my wip list is a bit shorter I hope to get started on it :-). I hope to do a set of patchwork quilted tablemats for my mother-in-law to coordinate with the Christmas bunting I made her last year. I have some fabric left but still need a bit more inspiration! X

      2. Christmas bunting sounds brilliant (I have a friend who has some up in every room of her house…it looks amazing)….sometimes inspiration can be very elusive, I find doing something completely different and forgetting about “it” can often trigger new ideas xx

  2. Spectacular quilting! What beautiful effects from both front and back! What water erasable pen did you use? I have used the heat “erasable” Friction, but have read some horror stories and am now nervous about it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very kind xx I looked at my pens and I think I may have rubbed the brand name off, they are a sky blue pen (with a white lid) and in silver ink on the side it says “water erasable pen-medium tip)…I think the brand is Hemline. You often find them stocked in haberdashery departments. I always do a test on scrap fabric when I buy a new one just to be on the safe side. I’m so excited, I’ve just finished sewing the binding and both quilts are having a quick wash in the machine. Delivery day is Friday xx

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