the softest shades of blue…….

changing colours of a forget me not

Warm sunshine has woken everything in the garden, most abundant is a mass of forget-me-nots…bursts of soft blue edge all the steps and borders, the garden path, raised beds and the cracks in the patio…..some I’ve cut as small spring posies, other tiny sprigs have been pressed between pieces of blotting paper to use later on as embroidery inspirations.

forget me nots sprouting up everywhere

Most of it though has been left for the insects, bees softly droning and buzzing, tumbling over the tiny petals.  I’ve seen a couple of small orange tipped butterflies investigating and gently tasting with long butterfly tongues.


Under one of the bird feeders, a collection of grasses and grains have sprouted including some flax…beautiful delicate blossoms that last a day, maybe two before they are blown away….

little blue blossoms

Elsewhere in one of the raised beds (and also around one of the compost bins) are these teeny birdseye /catseye speedwell flowers, the blue is so intense with flecks of white on the petals.  The butterflies give them only the faintest passing glance but they seem to have attracted some attention from the bees.

forget me nots on the steps

More forget-me-not….what started out a a smudge of colour has developed into a swathe of blue…I know some people would call them weeds but they look so pretty I never have the heart to dig them out.  ALong wiht the wild and alpine strawberries, they’ve set seed all over the garden.  (and after seeing both plants for sale at a local flower stall at £1 each I realise our garden is a veritable gold mine….)

forget me not blues and lavender toned buds

I love the slight change in blue, from almost a soft lavender when they are a bud to the beautiful gentle blue when they are open in the sunshine…..such a simple flower but possibly one of my favourites.

catmint beginning to flower

I suspect our new furry neighbours know something about the missing patch of catnip what was growing under the windowsill….it’s mysteriously disappeared and there have been two stretched out and somewhat spacey looking kitties zonked out on the patio nearby*….however some we had growing in a pot on an outside table has passed them by, it’s starting to flower the most beautiful bluey/lavender colour….it’s another plant we’ve noticed the bees find hard to resist.

All around the garden there are showier blooms like the wall flowers and cherry blossom to tempt the eye but my heart will always be captured by the tiny blue flowers that appear each year in new and unexpected places.

*there was a time when I would have thought Bernard was to blame but he’s become almost immune to the charms of ‘nip…he’ll nibble it if a leaf is held and wiggled in front of him but on the whole he tends to leave the plants alone, so the eye of suspicion is on the cuties from next door!


4 thoughts on “the softest shades of blue…….

  1. We all love forget-me-nots too. We too have beautiful little patches of blue in our garden as in yours. I always remember being told as a child that a weed is an unwanted plant so Forget-me-nots are certainly not weeds in my book! Sounds like your neighbouring cats are rather mischievous at the moment! The neighbourhood cats are not in Hubby’s good books, they have messed in his newly dug vegetable patch! Have a great weekend, Sharon x

    1. Yeah, we’re getting a lot of that….they are also climbing the tree where the bird feeders are (Bernard is too chubby for that) and nibbling plants. The freshly planted potatoes have now been re-covered with soil and we’ve put netting on top…they are so cute so I only go out and tell them off a bit but they are causing my boyfriend to get a bit grumpy.

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