Soft shadows through patchwork……

morning sunshine through patchwork


Yesterday was really sunny and bright in my work room, so I pinned up some patchwork I’ve been making for a little shade…. (I always say “oh I never make anything for me” but really I do…they just seem to take me forever to complete…..)  I could have closed the curtains but then it would have been too dark, and this felt a happy compromise….shutting out the sun this early in the year seems all wrong, and I’m happy to feel some sunshine.  Anyway, I had some other chores to do around the house, and the makeshift pinned curtain was forgotten about….


crochet shadows behind patchwork


Thanks in part to Bernard, who decided to mew pitifully at the crack of dawn (he wanted a tummy rub and decided to wake me to inform me of such) I was up super early and felt my hear t soar on walking into my work room….soft shadows danced across the patchwork I’d left hanging up in my window and Bernard was very much forgiven.  It’s always weird to something you think you know in a different light or setting…..


patchwork shadws


Little scraps of fabric from all over, much from my own collections joined by pieces from Sylvia, fabric from Sasha, small scraps from Alison who taught me the joys of hand quilting and the art of patience, carbooty snippets, some shirt fabric from Phil, and some leftover shirt fabric from Chloe’s quilt, fabric gifted by Nicola , little squares of pink and white sheeting from my Nanny (more precious to me than any tana lawn from Liberty) and some jumble sales treasures…it’s all in there.


morning shadows


Crocheted garlands cast ghost like shadows through the patchwork, which with the sunlight streaming through appeared almost transparent…….old friends, fabrics I’ve known for ever looked quite different so pale and washed out.  Some more robust weight fabrics hold their own and stay bright.


favourite fabrics


The patchwork has been in the making for a few years now, some Summers past I began to trim and cut odd little shapes of fabric I’ve been hoarding, and began to join them into small blocks of squares, slowly the squares grew and become somewhat larger than I’d intended.

The squares themselves are 2 inches wide and I’ve sewn it all by hand, picking it up and sewing when and where (perfect for train journeys, or bum perched on the back door step while waiting for the kettle to boil in the Summer)… total there are 891 small squares though I hadn’t realized there were quite so many until just now…..for a border I’ve sewn round strips from the Ikea duvet cover, mixing up the back and front prints, and then I had a piece of red fabric cut to the width I needed so used that for one corner rather than cut out any more of the duvet (sometimes I am incredibly slap dash and lazy)….

Once the twins quilts are all finished then I’d like to complete this before I do a lot more on the “dear ethel” quilt…. it’s more of an evening piece to work on in Summer months or wet weekend afternoons


7 thoughts on “Soft shadows through patchwork……

  1. This looks lovely. It is a perfect shade but will also be lovely as a quilt. The sun dazzles through my sewing room so brightly some mornings I have to draw the curtains to see my computer screen and it is a shame to shut it out. I keep thinking about making a blind because I think it’s only really the top of the window that needs screening…perhaps a patchwork to hang on occasion would be a good solution 🙂

    1. Hi Janine, I have the same problem with my computer screen too, though my whole window is flooded with sunshine, I’m not complaining though as the warm weather always makes me feel happy xx

    1. My friend Sasha made a pair of curtains from a vintage quilt, whenever it wears or gets a bit thin, she re-patches it with vintage embroideries or small tapestry pictures…the best of both worlds I think.

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