Summer time and sunshine patchworks…..

finished patchwork for quilt one


Trumpety trumpety fanfare ………the main patchwork for the two quilts is finished…I’ve still to sew around a skinny border (I was a bit in two minds about this but think it will give a softer edge to any quilting before the binding is sewn on, and it will also guarantee I don’t lose any star tips in the binding.)

This is the patchwork for “quilt one”…..I love how the stars blend into each other…I’m really pleased with my colour and fabric choices, and while I know I spent a fussily long time choosing fabrics, feel my time was wisely spent when I look at how the patchwork has come together.

The blocks are pretty big for me, 10 inch square, the size meant lots of pattern detail in the character prints hasn’t been lost.

Looking at both finished patchworks, I can’t help but remember those long school holiday Summers…endless days of sitting out in the garden on an old blanket with my sisters, heads all buried in a book, the scent of Ambre Solaire (the brown sticky oil kind that was at most factor 3) and syrupy lollies that melted all too quickly, days spent at Southwold when we’d grumble about getting sand in our sandwiches and sometimes get spoilt and be bought a proper treat….a “99” from the little tea kiosk.


finished patchwork for quilt two


And this is the patchwork for “quilt number two”….again, I still need to sew the skinny border, but right now I’m just happy to have this taped up on my wall and feel Summer has arrived (it’s all grey and murky outside so looking at this is much nicer than looking out the window)….

The blocks for this quilt (ughhh I’m already calling these quilts rather than the patchworks that they are…it makes me get cross with my mind they don’t become quilts ’til they are at least basted)…are all six inches wide.  I felt too much detail with some of the larger printed fabrics would be lost cutting them up, so used them as bold blocks of colour alternating around the stars.

I know my colour choices aren’t for the faint at heart, but in real life rather than pictures, these colours are much more subtle, also, once they have been quilted over, then seams and changes in colour will begin to blur and blend, soften and become a whole rather than lots of small sections.

Regarding quilting….initially I was planning to quilt these the same as the quilt for Miss Olive, however to create the effect I want, that lovely, old, hand me down and homey feeling, then as far as I’m concerned there is really only one choice….my absolute favourite of quilting patterns...the baptist fan.


17 thoughts on “Summer time and sunshine patchworks…..

  1. They are both looking so beautiful.
    I have just looked at the fan quilting, it is just WOW but I think you have a lot of work still ahead of you if you will be stitching all those curves!!! X

    1. Thank you, I was really pleased with how my boyfriends quilt came out (though I need to sew back in some of the fabric threads as it’s been a bit plucked by Bernard)….I’m not going to say “oh Baptist fan quilting is easy” because it takes a bit of time and practise to draw out the design properly and then sew the quilting, but actually I find this a lot more forgiving on my fingers, my hands naturally want to sew a curve so letting them do their thing rather than force a straight line makes more sense…also, once it’s all sewn it feels so pleasurable to run your fingers all over it…I’m just finishing sewing on the border then hope to get them both basted and ready to quilt by the end of today xx (I posted a tutorial on how to mark out a baptist fan quilt pattern last Summer if you’re interested)

      1. mmm, if feels lovely, like fat corduroy…If you’ve got some nice thread, some short needles and a thimble then you can quilt….I know Baptist fan looks a bit tricky but seriously, give it a go (there’s no need to tell anyone else how easy it is) x

      2. I really will have to soon. If only the housework would get itself done!! The trouble is I like trying too many different crafts and always seem to have loads of different things on the go. On the upside there is usually always a project to suit my mood! 🙂

      3. I know the feeling…we had a clear out last year and I gave a friend whose children are educated at home, bags and bags of stuff that I no longer use, candle making things, boxes of wax and candle mouds, and then fabric, wool, felt, threads….I look around my work room and don’t know where it all fitted in. I’m still sewing woolly tails in on my crocheted squares (the hexagon blanket has been put back on the bed) and as for “dear ethel”…don’t think she’ll be quilted this year, however I am now starting to think when she’s all finished I’ll enter her in A Festival of Quilts but that may not until 2017!

      4. Just had a quick look at the tutorial and it actually doesn’t sound as bad as I thought, so maybe one day!! I do have a quilt cut out, it’s been sitting for about a year now, once I have less on the go I will have to get into it but I must admit it seems rather daunting at the mo, plus I can only do about 10 mins on the machine before my neck seizes up 😦

      5. I think that’s why I like sampler style quilts, being able to just concentrate on one block at a time…I had a look through some of my “dear ethel” blocks over the weekend and I’ve pulled out half a dozen I don’t think work too well and which I plan to re-sew. The one’s I’m not happy with will end up as pot holders….I’m writing a tutorial on how to make them using some really easy quilting.
        The little strip of plastic with the holes in is easy to use and the pattern comes together really quickly xx

  2. These two little quilts are adorable! Stars are sparkling and shining with sweet colors. I love the softness and simplicity of baptist fan pattern and is on my wish list to put it on a quilt. It is going to be lovely and perfect for your cuties!

    1. Thank you, I’m really pleased with how they’ve come together and now they’ve both got a border sewn round look even better…I’ve just finished basting one and it now looks “quilty”. In one of my other reply comments I’ve mentioned I posted a Baptist fan tutorial last Summer, it’s a lot easier to sew than people think, it just takes a little time and patience x

      1. Thank you for mentioning the tutorial. It is wonderful! My hands don’t agree with hand stitching, but I love how sweet your hand quilting is 🙂

      2. Your nice comments are very kind x Yeah, I know hand quilting or stitching isn’t for everyone. After I’ve been sewing for a couple of hours I have a break (make a pot of tea time) and massage my hands and fingers, I find that helps a lot x

      1. You really did inspire me to make it. Abi isn’t back yet so I don’t know how she responded to it. I did feel a bit sad letting it go but Leah is one of 14 children so I know her Mum doesn’t get much time for that sort of thing!!! xx

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