A cutie amongst the broccoli…….

Izzy hiding amongst the broccoli


As promised from the other week…this is the other little cutie who’s moved in next door.  Her name is Izzy (though I keep calling her Jiji as I think she looks so much like the little cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service)…mostly she likes to sit underneath the broccoli and keep an eye on all what’s going on from there…..or she’s up in the big tree in the corner of our garden…I couldn’t quite believe how fast she can spring up there, compared with how slowly and cumbersome Bernard now clambers about the branches….(when he does manage to get up there he then needs assistance to get down!)


little Izzy under the broccoli


I’m really pleased with how Bernard is getting along with his new neighbours, I guess in part it’s because they are only quite young so he can boss them about a bit…most mornings they are peeping round the shed waiting for him to saunter out in the garden, then there is lots of nose rubbing between the three of them, followed by a little communal washing….if they get a bit too boisterous he puts his paw on their heads and washes them to calm them down….another bonus is that Bernard spends so much time now running around the garden playing chase with them that he sleeps pretty much right through the night which makes a big difference to us (the constant waking and mewing just for a tummy rub was really interfering with our sleep)……..

Both little kitties are quite jumpy when I’m outside, though Izzy managed to sneak into the kitchen yesterday when I was hanging out laundry…I guess the back door was on the jar and she slipped in…. I don’t know who got the biggest shock when I came back into the kitchen and saw her sitting there….she bolted out through the cat flap and like a flash she was back under the broccoli.


4 thoughts on “A cutie amongst the broccoli…….

    1. It’s not too bad, though last time my boyfriend had to half climb up to reach him (shaking a packet of treats wasn’t tempting him down and there were no hunky firemen in the vicinity!)….both little kitties are very cute however there are making quite a mess of our raised beds so they are a bit in the bad books x

    1. I think he likes bossing them about, although he’s a big cat (he often gets mistaken for being a Maine Coon or something similar) he is a bit of wossie and has been chased indoors by pigeons and blackbirds before. When they rub noses it’s very cute xx

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