A selection of small stars……the start of quilt two.

aunt grace fabric star


Work has begun on little “quilt number two”…after carefully choosing combinations of fabrics, trying out different fabrics to see which looked best, covering my bed with brightly printed fat quarters and smaller left over pieces, I then spent just over a day cutting out little star blocks for “quilt number two”…..I really didn’t want this to be a complete repeat of the other star quilt so I’ve tried to use different teamings and pair ups of fabric….

I loved how these prints looked in the first quilt and promised myself I’d use them together for this one…….(I’d really like to buy a couple of metres and make a dress using both prints together…..something for the “I’d like list” I think)…..


green bow tie print star block


The pink striped fabric had to be carefully cut out so that the pattern would run in one direction….I really like pink and green together and thought these prints worked particularly well…..


lecien blue print star block


As much as I like the first block at the top, I really do love this one…the top block is all grown up and sensible where as this one seems all silly and laughing…..that blue fabric is so smile inducing, and paired with the pink fabric (it’s the Ikea duvet cover bought at a jumble sale I’ve mentioned before) it’s just perfect…..it just looks so happy.


turquoise print star


I also like yellow and blue together (and orange and blue too for that matter) ……I like how intense the shade is in the yellow print compared to the more delicate blue…together they really balance each other…..


red floral star block


This is more of a fruity Summer lolly team up and like the pink stripey fabric, care was taken in cutting out the background fabric, even though I’ve used nearly all the same fabric as before, this arrangement of patchwork stars and squares isn’t looking quite so “Summer lolly stickiness”…it’s bright and colourful but slightly subtler in combinations.

These were just my particular favourites, in all I’ve cut out fabric for 18 star blocks and 17 six inch wide squares…I’ve begun piecing them and even though they are small so a little bit fiddly, the pieces aren’t too wee to make it impossible to work on in the evenings….


2 thoughts on “A selection of small stars……the start of quilt two.

  1. They are really lovely combinations. Again you use combinations I wouldn’t have put together and yet they really work. I think I need to get a little more adventurous with my colours!! Sharon x

    1. You’re very kind…I’m in the middle of writing a post about playing with colour and trying out different combinations.
      Also, partly because I know from previous experience, the type of quilting I’m planning for these patchwork pieces, will really soften the seams and change in colour so they’ll look much softer x

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