Patchwork and pin cushions…….

blocks pinned and ready to sew together


Possibly the only part about piecing and sewing patchwork for a quilt top is when I have to join the strips together…..I try to limit how many pins I’m using as I can go a bit overboard, and then it feels too much like handling a wriggling hedgehog and inevitably end up with pin pricking my finger tips…and although I know I could pin just one block in at a time, I always seem to end up pinning the whole length of joined blocks.


I always use plenty of pins


But aside from the tiny pin pricks it also makes me feel a bit sad in my heart….this part of the patchwork is now coming to an end, and soon it changes from a piece of patchwork to a quilt…….


pinning block strips together


Although the patchwork here looks a bit of a jumble, it’s now all sewn together and I’m really pleased with how it’s looking…it has that “vintage-hand me down through the ages-made by granny” look about it which is what I was after…..when ever I’ve been to see quilt collections in museums or exhibitions I always fall in love with the old quilts, ones where fabric seems to have been sourced from all over the place…..


pinning blocks together


To the side you can see part of a basket full of vintage threads, I love the Dewhurst Sylko brand, the quality is so good and I love the names of the colours… (at the moment I’m using Light Reseda and Spring Green….favourites I used in the piecing included Iced Orange, Japonica, Tangerine, Light Scarlet and Pale Rose……..)…using such an array of colours is one of the joys of hand sewing my patchwork…if I was doing this on a sewing machine I know I’d really need to limit myself to a few grey threads rather than the rainbow I currently have on my work table.


pinning patchwork


I always end up spreading out my patchwork, whether I’m piecing small blocks or sewing larger sections together, the patchwork seems to just take over and cover everything……


pin cushion collection


…and it’s not just the patchwork that seems to take over….the pin cushions seem to multiply as well…it starts out with just the one and then before I know it they are all out of drawer where they are kept… (I’m sure they are breeding in there.)



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