Sunshine and stars……..

first set of star blocks


As I said yesterday, the stars for “quilt one” have all been pieced together now but I thought you might be interested to see what they looked like before they’d been joined together…..(the pictures of them below aren’t arranged in any particular order, it’s just how they were arranged in the making pile) …in all I’ve hand sewn twelve stars using three different blocks using a variety of different fabrics……I don’t think I intended to make such a bright patchwork, it’s so sun-shiney and Summery feeling…like a packet of Opal Fruits (showing my age there)…..

It was nice mixing in the new fabrics with some of the ones I already had in my collection, it’s one of the things I like about the old style reproduction prints, they blend in and work with each so well.


second set of star blocks


A few times I’ve used the same print but in a different colour-way…I always think this adds a little extra interest to the quilt.  I really liked the Alice in Wonderland fabric, it’s been one of my new favourite purchases (I’d love to splurge on a couple of metres to make a dress..) and the blue cherry print by Lecien is rather nice too…’s such a great blue, really soft and opaque, almost powdery.

I mentioned before that when I buy fabric I prefer quantity of range than lots of any one fabric (I saw my friend Hugh yesterday who is a big hunky and handsome policeman, and to keep a long story of waffle to a minimum, he asked me “what on earth is a fat quarter”…he’d been on-line looking at fabric for something he wants me to make, and kept seeing it and just didn’t know what it meant, so while we were drinking the best coffee in Norwich I explained with a piece of paper the difference between a fat and thin quarter*) every-so often I fall so in love with a print I splurge and buy half metres in a a few colours, but generally my wallet doesn’t quite allow for what my heart would like.

While I appreciate that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, my favourite quilts are those that are made using a wide old variety of colour and prints…I’ve seen some beautiful quits made just using two colours, but they don’t tickle the tastebuds enough to make me want to piece and sew one myself.


third set of star blocks


I’ve fallen in love a bit with the top green star, the print was even nicer than I was expecting….a couple of metres of this and I’d be over the moon…..The orange and blue print was the only one where I really had to watch how I cut the fabric, the print looks much better when it’s all running in the same direction, with an all over, in any old direction print are on the whole much easier to work with, but when it’s just the odd fabric it’s not too much of a problem. (and even being careful I still managed to cut a couple of pieces out wrong so have put those into the scrap bag for a rainy day)


corner of patchwork with background fabric


I’m thinking to use some of the background fabric to create a simple and skinny width border around the patchwork before sewing the binding…’s quite yellow and is rather muted in tone to the rest of the patchwork, however I know once it’s all been quilted then colours blend in together more than you’ll realize or expect. (I’m thinking to quilt it using a baptist fan pattern but can’t quite make my mind up…it’s somewhat more time consuming so I’m really having to think carefully before I commit myself to it.)


Uppercase patchwork


And I completely forgot to mention a purchase made a few weeks ago now, it really did feel like a delivery of sunshine through my letterbox….I was so excited about this publication ever since I knew this issue of Uppercase was going to be about textiles and quilts…..when I opened it, it really was like opening up Summer…page after page of beautifully photographed patchwork and articles that I actually wanted to read.  Some quilters I’d heard of but there were a couple of new ones to me in there too.  Each page was just a real treat to read and even going through it again now I’m still being inspired and thinking “oh, what about if I do…” or “I’ve not tried doing that, perhaps I’ll …”

There’s a great interview in there with Denyse Schmidt , and a really good piece by Cheryl Arkinson about scrap quilts…and a wonderful article about feedsack quilts (be still my beating heart….a couple of pages of pages of tiny feedsack prints) then there are pieces about tattooed artists and weavers and a very useful piece about how to fit creativity into our daily lives by Christina Crook…. and a lovely piece about darning (yes darning can be lovely) anyway, it’s a brilliant read and I like it so much because it’s not all one thing, the magazine always ends up covering a few other things as well as it’s main issue subject…totally worth the price as it’s something I’ll keep coming back to to get my creative batteries charged up.

I bought my copy from Housekeeping (their mail order service is excellent)




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