Final star quilt prints……

fabrics from Tikki


The last little collection of fabric arrived this week from Tikki in in London, and within minutes of the parcel being opened the fabric was being washed (I fill a sink with warm water and some Ecover fabric conditioner and then give the cloth a nice soak in that….any size is washed off and the conditioner leaves the fabric really soft to hold and nice smelling….any quilting cotton is treated this way as I find hand sewing fabric that hasn’t been washed pretty hard going on the fingers)…….


evening star pink and blue prints


This star combines a blue fabric from Tikki with a pink print I’d bought last Summer from The Eternal Maker.  There’s a tiny little bit of pink in the blue fabric and I thought mixing it along with the pink picked that up.  I do like Lecien, not all their prints but some of their reproduction fabrics really make me sillily (if that is even a word) happy to use…they make me smile and just feel happy and I hope Peggy and Pearl will feel the same way.


eight point star, green and blue prints


I liked the pink print so much that I decided to buy it in green (Lecien do produce lovely greens)….and then combined it with another Lecien print….it’s a very soft blue and although not quite the same colour used in the green print I still think they work really well together.

The patchwork for “quilt one” is now all sewn up, all the stars are joined and there was only a wee bit of unpicking when I realized I’d sewn a strip of blocks in upside down.  I need to wash the backing fabric as I’m thinking of using a little of that for a skinny border around the stars…..and all the fabric for “quilt two” has been chosen and cut out….piles of tiny pieces all set for 6 inch star blocks now wobble along a side of my work table….many are all pinned and I’m trying to make use of the earlier sunny mornings to get a few pieces stitched in that lovely light my room is filled with this time of year (my work room is East facing so in the Spring and Summer it’s often flooded with beautiful soft mellow light…it doesn’t last long though and afternoon light can seem quite gloomy when in fact it’s all sunny outside…our bedroom though is West facing so the light in there in the afternoon is really incredible.

There have been times when I’ve taken small pieces in there and have sat on the bed with plump pillows behind me, little pieces of patchwork all scattered around my lap and legs… however I am a pin dropper and pins found in the bed oddly cause someone to really grumble so I have to be extra careful when I’m in there……we talked about changing rooms over as the light in the afternoons is really bright but I think I’d miss these first part of the day moments.

Once the clocks change I find myself waking up earlier and earlier, (by the end of June I find I’m getting up around 5.30)…I creep downstairs trying to be quiet, boil a kettle and make a cup of tea, then come back upstairs and sit and sew until it’s time for the rest of the household to get up…sometimes I’m joined by Bernard who’ll jump up on my lap or on the table, he’ll stretch out, sigh, and fall asleep, cat napping ’til I hear waking and stirring from the bedroom, bedsprings creaking as my boyfriend gets up and sleepily walks across to the bathroom.  That’s then my cue to down needles and stitches, and prepare breakfasts and packed lunches.

Mila recently wrote a lovely piece on her blog about small rituals, and I’ve become quite conscious and aware of the small things I like to do everyday or at certain times of the year….this Summer sewing, waking and rising earlier and earlier is one of them.


4 thoughts on “Final star quilt prints……

  1. I love the fabric with the children and animals on, they are ‘sillily’ adorable. (Maybe not a proper word but a great one, it sounds silly in itself!)
    Ooh pins!! I’m not great with pins and Abi is even worse. I now have a magnetic pin holder so I can sweep it above the surfaces to pick up any strays!
    I too love a bit of early morning quiet, just me, my bible and a good cup of tea is the best start to my day. Sharon x

    1. My boyfriend can always see a dropped pin (he’s like my very own version of “Colin” from The Great Escape…..)
      Even though I work from home and it’s pretty quiet where I live, I still like to get up early and have a few minutes to myself while the rest of the street is still asleep x

    1. Thank you x Yes this Lecien print is so sweet and is a real favourite…if my wallet was bigger I’d happily buy enough to back my “dear ethel” quilt as I love it so much.

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