A quilt of stars……

evening star orange and floral print


I thought I’d share some more colour choice combinations for “quilt one”, this fruity one combines one of the new prints from the other week with a print I bought last year from The Cotton Patch.  They’re both by Whistler Studios which designs some of my favourite reproduction style feed-sack prints which come out from Windham fabric…..the colours together just remind me so much of long Summer days spent sprawled on the lawn in the garden, laying out in the sunshine on a blanket, eating sticky fruit flavoured lollies….(this was how our Summers were spent when I was a little girl, with the odd days out at the sea side)….


crystal star yellow and pink bunnies


I’ve already shown this combination last week, and even though the bunny print is a particular favourite (as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it) I found it incredibly hard to team up with another fabric…….. I made a small design board the other summer (just a piece of A1 foam board covered with a couple of layers of old blanket and then a final layer of white brushed cotton) which I prop up against my work table and arrange the fabric pieces on…….it allows me to step back and properly view my choices as well as letting me play and arrange my patchwork…..

I’d really like one of those huge ones, the type that fill one wall but we don’t really have the space for that so I make do with the small one.


crystal star pink and teal prints


This is one of my favourite combinations , it mixes one of the new prints along with a piece of an old Ikea duvet cover (my little nod to all those thrifty quilts and patchworks made from re-purposed fabrics…..) I’ve written about this duvet cover so many times, it was a true jumble sale treasure, think it was a pound and has easily been one of the best jumble sale bargains of all time.  I’ve used the fabric before in dresses for one of my little nieces, and in numerous patchwork pieces, as well as lining tea-cosies and hot water bottles…it’s starting to run out a bit now. (I nearly used it with the bunny print but felt that might be a bit too pink which I know the twin’s mum isn’t so keen on.)

Anyway, I thought the pink complimented the pretty minty print.  Looking at these fabric choices I’m seeing a definite Summer feeling theme coming through with both the fabrics I’ve just bought but also with how I’ve combined them with fabrics from my stash.


eight point star, yellow and blue prints


I’m just sewing this one together at the moment, the floral print is one I bought last year from The Eternal Maker.  It’s a lovely teal coloured print by Riley Blake Designs and is called Sidewalks/October afternoon…….sorry but that seems such a silly name for such a lovely Summery looking print.  Anyway, I’ve teamed it up with a new print (I also bought the little bow tie fabric in a juicy orange colour and am just waiting for some in a green version…..)


evening star blue and yellow floral prints


Another very floral combination, again mixing up a new print with one from last year (the very yellow floral design was from The Eternal Maker)…I really like blue and yellow together, it always looks nice and fresh.  At first I was planning to use one of the pink prints with this yellow but as there is already a bit of blue already in the design I decided to just go for it, and use another blue and yellow print to mix with it.  Hope you don’t think it’s a bit too much.


crystal star red and pink prints


This is another combination of new and old (well, purchased last year at any rate)…..the red print is another one from The Eternal Maker and it’s a Lecien print.  Once again there’s a Summer feel or theme going on, looking at this combination of prints brings to mind strawberry split ice-creams, or sweet lollies that melted everywhere…..I used these colours together a few times in “dear ethel” and they were some of my favourite pairings…..(actually I find when I take a bit longer choosing fabrics and then longer still teaming them up and choosing blocks, all my patchwork then seems to be a favourite)……..

I’ve still got a couple of blocks to team up and cut out but I’m still waiting on some fabric to arrive (thank you Royal Mail) but thought I’d show you the combinations so far.

I’ve hand sewn and pieced together seven blocks so far and have three more pinned and ready to go so if I finish those before the other fabric arrives then I’ll just put this aside and start work on “quilt two”.


3 thoughts on “A quilt of stars……

  1. I’m falling in love with your colour combinations. Some of them I wouldn’t have thought to put together and yet they work so well, I especially like the October and bow tie fabrics together. You are making me want to do some patchwork! I have some hexagons cut but I have so many things on the go at the moment that I haven’t got to them yet! Sharon x

    1. Good morning! Yeah I think making the patchwork for “dear ethel” last Summer really helped me lose all my inhibitions about what colour to put with which, all those old rules about blue and green shouldn’t be seen went out the window (though still feel red and green is one best saved for Christmas) and I’ve found it so liberating….
      I’ve never found having other things on the go restricts my starting something new…it’s part of the reason I had to have a clear out of UFO’s in the New Year as I’d started and stopped more than I had realized…I’ve got a basket full of hexagons, some sewn but which I intend to unpick as I’m not happy with what I’ve done, they are for a grannies garden style patchwork, and then have even more smaller ones ones in another sewing basket which are more random….I feel like Smaug with all his treasure, but instead of gold and jewels it’s half finished sewing things and boxes and baskets of fabrics and craft supplies
      It’s hard working from home as there are times when I question my choices in fabric and colour and just hope the twin’s mum likes what I’m doing, reading your nice comments makes me stop worrying so much xx

      1. Treasure is just exactly it, all those lovely wips are like sparkly jewels and make me far happier than jewels would, unless of course I sold them to buy more gorgeous fabric and squishy yarn!!! I’m sure the twins’ mum will be thrilled, the squares really are lovely. Xx

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