A selection of stars…….

evening star teal and green


After lots of playing around with different colour and print combinations I’ve finally made some pleasing team ups and have cut out the patchwork pieces for one of the new quilts…

“Quilt one” will be made up of a selection of twelve star blocks in a variety of colours and prints…each star block will be made up of two contrasting colour fabrics.  Most of the patterns are lovely reproduction feedsack style prints (these are my favourite prints to work with and I love mixing them as they compliment each other so nicely)…..

This blue and green pairing is one I’m very happy with…I love wearing blue and green together (and like to add in a little purple to the mix)…the green floral print is a Windham fabric, it combined really nicely with lots of the other prints but this was the one that made my heart beat a little quicker….


eight point star, yellow and dot dash daisies


There’s quite a few yellow prints, so hope the final quilt will be all sunshiney and bright smile feeling…….I really like this Alice in Wonderland fabric teamed up with the Aunt Grace print…..

I topped up my fabric stash the other week so a lot of these fabrics I’m using for the first time, but I’m also including some older favourites…..


crystal star orange and yellow prints


This lovely bright orange fabric was some I bought last year from The Cotton Patch…it’s by Windham fabrics (another one by my favourite Whistler Studios) …the print is Storybook Classics #19….I used it a few times while I was sewing blocks for “dear ethel” last Summer…it makes me think of sweet sticky lollies eaten at the sea side…….


eight point star, pink and green prints


This green Aunt Grace print is one of my all new favourites…the print is more delicate than I’d expected and it’s a really nice vintagey green background colour……this print also looked particularly good with the “dot dash daisies” so I’ll most likely use them together when I’m choosing the combinations for “quilt two”…..

Last week when I wrote about choosing my fabrics I explained how I’d made several pinterest boards before whittling down to just the one to help me go through my choices and to see how different fabrics from different shops and brands worked together…this all sounded like a lot of extra work, but the time spent making those fabric choices really has made this part of the designing a lot easier, of the umpteen new fabrics purchased only one was a bit of a problem to mix, all the others blended and complimented so well, the only hard part has been which combination did I prefer rather than thinking “yuck yuck yuck just doesn’t go”…it was definitely more a case of “love it, love it, love it……”



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