A multitude of patchwork stars….

finished arrangement


Finally after weeks of playing around with different designs and painting papers so I could visualise the patchwork a bit better I’ve finally come up with two different but similar patchwork patterns for Peggy and Pearl’s quilts.  This one at the moment is called “quilt one”…it’s a mix of star blocks and will be sewn in a selection of reproduction feedsack prints…….

Although their dad has left all the colour choices and overall look of the quilts up to me (which is quite as honour as these will be heirloom quality quilts which in my head will be kept and handed down to dollies if not their own teeny treasures…though I do appreciate they may well end up as cat or dog blankets), the one criteria he did say was for the quilts to look different but have something in common.


large painted squares


I decided the easiest way to achieve this would be to use the same fabrics for both quilts, and I’m also using a few pieces that were used in their big sister Olive’s quilt the other year….but then each quilt will also have a couple of fabrics unique to that one.  Fingers crossed it will all work out okay.  But the main motif or block repeat would also be the same or at least similar in each quilts…..

To help me plan the final designs of the quilt I decided to use the painted papers I’d been making over the past week, but rather than paint up more pieces I worked directly into a sketchbook and painted up big squares (well 4 inches wide)……


drawing in the background patterns


After painting up the squares (I like to use quite watery gouache paint) I then drew little floral motifs and patterns on top using a selection of colouring pencils….it’s a bit pfaffy and fiddly but also very relaxing and nice to do.  This method of working really helped me see the patchwork designs better, and I was able to draw out the quilts that were there in my head.


finished background patterns


I really like how pretty this looks once all the little squares have been decorated…..this is probably a bit more fanciful than what was required but to be honest I just liked doing it.

Then the pre-painted papers from a couple of days ago were  cut and glued (I used mod podge glue as that sticks to pretty much anything) and arranged into place.


planning out the patchwork stars


Rather than use the same star block over and over again I decided to use three different variations of the same basic 8 pointed star. I’d already made little six inch blocks of each one for “dear ethel” and they sew together really nicely.  Also using blocks of the same division means the patchwork won’t have any weirdly placed seams.

Olive’s Quilt was about 30 inches by 42 inches and I’m making the ones for her new sisters the same size…..Crystal star is a bit of a fiddly block so I’ve decided to make this quilt with blocks 10 inches wide (12 in all)…that way the fiddley blocks won’t take me forever to sew up…I’ll probably need to sew an inch wide strip for a border once the patchwork is completed but I’ll wait ’til that is sewn before a final colour choice at this stage….then once all the patchwork has been sewn by hand there’ll be lots of hand quilting on top.


I'm a bit of a messyworker.


I had a lovely comment recently about being so organised…..which made me laugh as I am very messy worker….I leave little piles of papers or fabric or wool wherever I’m working or when I move to a different seat …this is just part of my sewing table at the moment, covered in tiny snippings and snippets of painted papers…for once there isn’t a big fat cat sprawled out over it all.

Quilt two will be tomorrow…….

2 thoughts on “A multitude of patchwork stars….

  1. It’s looking great. You have so much patience to spend so much time planning, I’m sure it will be well worth it. I’m afraid I’m a bit more a jump right in with both feet and just hope for the best person but then I have never made anything too complicated!! I’m really enjoying seeing all the stages of these quilts. Sharon x

    1. Hi Sharon, your comments are always so nice to read….the amount of planning that goes on depends a lot on the commission and on what is being made. When I was making the blocks last Summer for “dear ethel” then I just drew out which blocks I liked…there was a little bit of playing around with paints to try out different colour and fabric combinations but I tried to keep it to a minimum…..and also as there wasn’t a deadline as it will be a quilt for me so I can take as long as I like.
      I’ve tried to be more considerate with these quilts, both with regards to designs and fabrics. I guess because the quilts needed to be similar but also different. And then they are also a commission so I want them to be totally right. They’ll be proper heirloom quality pieces and part of the price does involve the design process (though must confess I hadn’t intended to spend quite so long on it.) xx

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