Bunnies and bowties and pale yellow roses……

fabrics from Sew and Quilt


Finally I’m all happy as the fabric ordered for Peggy and Pearl’s quilts has started to arrive…actually most of it  arrived a couple of days ago and has been washed and had a good dry out on the line……it’s been really windy and sunny so perfect laundry drying weather….not to mention hanging all these out on the line meant I had the colourfulest and prettiest laundry day imaginable……

As I mentioned yesterday it was quite hard for me to start ordering fabrics until I had a good idea of what the patchwork for the quilt would look like (and I completely understand that for some people this can be really off putting and so they prefer to buy kits or buy fabrics suggested by a pattern designer…..no way is wrong, in my opinion a quilt is for snuggling and cuddling…..and it’s up to you how you want to go about making it….but it’s so satisfying to make one that you’ve designed yourself or at least chosen all of your own colours and fabrics for)

So how did I begin……well firstly I made a big old pot of tea (generally how most days start) then put on some music, then began to look at shops with websites and just went through all their reproduction style prints…..anything I liked I pinned to a couple of especially made pinterest boards, noting down which shop the fabric came from and how much it cost….and also the quantity… (some shops which had fabric I adored sold minimum lengths of half a metre which sort of put me off as I’m not the Queen of Sheba and don’t have unlimited riches)……then had a good look back over the fabrics and tried to stick with ordering from just a few shops.  This was probably one of the hardest parts, properly looking at the fabrics, seeing what I already had in my collection and what would work with what.  I made a second board with about 70 fabrics and then another with maybe half that…..and finally was able to chose about 20 fabrics that I liked, felt worked well together and which complimented the fabrics I already have and of course which would be suitable for the commission.

This probably took about 2 whole days (though I spent about 4 or 5 half days on it) which seems a daft amount of time but I’ve bought fabric in the past that ended up not being right so now I really take my time with my purchasing (especially on-line…..if I’m in a shop then it’s much easier but then I don’t have the luxury of being able to bring my own fabrics with me and spread them out in front of the fabrics in the shop.)

The top six fabrics are all from Sew and Quilt……they had a very nice selection of reproduction style fabrics and their shipping was really good.  The fabrics I chose were from top to bottom in a clockwise direction….

Aunt Grace’s Miniatures …Floral Vine in pink

Milk Sugar and Flowers …Petals in mint

Milk Sugar Flowers…Friends in mint

Aunt Grace Miniatures…Flower toss in blue and yellow

Aunt Grace Simpler Sampler…Floral buds in green

Aunt Grace Keepsake ….Bunnies in yellow


The flower toss print is really delicate, it’s a smaller print than I’d expected so am very happy and the yellow and pink bunny fabric is just brilliant…..it was one of the first fabrics that I pinned as I fell in love with it pretty much straight away.

The fabric arrived really quickly and even though on the day I ordered fabric Jessie was experiencing some computer problems she was able to sort out my order and was very helpful.. I’ll certainly be ordering more fabric from her when my wallet allows.


fabric from Pretty Fabrics and Trims....


The next selection of fabric was ordered from Pretty Fabrics and Trims.  I was really impressed with the service they offer…..as well as offering fat quarters they also have smaller pre cuts of fabric which is ideal if you are making a patchwork that has lots and lots of fabrics.  If I’d only been making the one quilt then I’d certainly have purchased the fabric that way (and it doesn’t even seem to work out more money either for the smaller cuts so top marks for that)….

Of the companies I looked at on-line they had the biggest selection of prints that I was after, including one of my favourites (Whistler Studios from Windham Fabrics…..) the hardest part was not going completely doo lally and ordering one of everything…it took a long time to fine tune my order.  Eventually these were my choices….

Windham Fabrics Storybook Classics…Bowties in melon (actually it’s orange) I’ve also ordered this in yellow so the print repeat in different colours will add extra interest to the finished patchwork.

Windham Fabrics Playdate Blossom Flower in yellow (and like the bowties I’ve also ordered it in another colourway)

Windham Fabrics Playdate ….Ditsy in Pink

Aunt Grace Simple Sampler…Dot dash daisies

Robert Kaufman Fabrics Grandma’s Garden Tiny Tulips in Spring

Windham Fabrics Storybook Classics Alice in Wonderland in yellow

I love the Alice in Wonderland fabric and had seen it elsewhere in a different colourway (orange and it looked brilliant but I only wanted a fat quarter).  And the Aunt Grace dot dash daisies fabric is gorgeous, very neat and small print and it sits really well against the other prints……  I love the old style Windham prints and have bought their fabrics before in different colourways (back in October when me and Anne went to see Lucy Boston’s house and patchworks, Diana Boston said Lucy used to buy different colourways of prints as she also felt it added extra interest to the patchwork and I’ve noticed it myself when I’ve laid out all the “dear ethel” blocks out on the carpet and you see the same print but in a different colour…there’s that feel of familiarity but newness all at the same time)…


yellow backing fabric


I also ordered my backing fabric from them…..

Sevenberry Fabric …Stem flower in yellow  this is a lovely soft floral print, the leaves are a delicate sagey silver colour and the yellow is very nice yellow, not bright but quite sun faded.  I’m using grey for the binding and thought it would work well with the yellow floral print and would pick up the silver details in the leaves.  I’ve ordered enough to use this a backing for both of the quilts.

The fabric arrived really quickly, because I spent over £40 the postage was free and it arrived beautifully wrapped.  In all a top rate service and I’d certainly be looking to buy more fabric from them again in the future.

I hadn’t ordered from either shop before and was very happy with them both, if you like reproduction fabrics then they both have a very good selection and their customer service is excellent.




10 thoughts on “Bunnies and bowties and pale yellow roses……

    1. Thank you…there are still a few more to arrive so hopefully they’ll be here at the start of next week….really glad you like the fabrics as I know my tastes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea xx

    1. I can’t believe how long it took me to chose the fabrics, I’ve got a good selection in my collection to compliment the new additions…I really want to capture the hand me down feel and many times washed and hung in the sunshine feel of beautiful “ole timey” quilts…those are my favourites and make my heart beat faster whenever I see them in books or museums.

      1. I adore the old world charm of your patchwork combined with a sweet innocence that is your own. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, it’s a treat to see into your process and thoughts 🙂

      2. Thank you, your comments are very kind….it’s always nice to share whether it’s a different way of making or doing something, or sharing cake or a pot of tea!

    1. Thank you, I’m just about to start ironing the fabric then will start cutting and sewing tomorrow……finally I’ve got two designs I’m happy with so will post pictures of those over the next couple of days xx

  1. Beautiful site and pretty fabrics. I am now starting Leanne Beasley’s Down In The Garden and needed a refresher on Dresden Plates. Thanks for such wonderful detailed information. Yours are beautiful. Will definitely be back for more visits.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to hear you found my my posts on dresden plates handy, I know I do things the long way as I’m a bit f a fuss pot…I must confess I’ve still to finish them…I couldn’t make up my mind which fabric to use to back them (or the pattern layout…they are on my list of” to do’s and finish” though xx

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