Crocheting together the granny square patches and entertaining Bernard in the process……

bright little grany squares


I’m well over half way with sewing in the woolly tails on my crocheted nine square patches (it’s a name of a patchwork block which they resemble) and to give my fingers a bit of a rest from sewing, and must admit I was also getting impatient to start joining the patches together, over the weekend when I wasn’t working on designs and colour-ways for a quilt commission I found some time to crochet some blocks together…….


more nine square patches


All the yarn ended up being sprawled out on the carpet so I could see all the colours at once, while I sat on the sofa with a pot of tea half watching old movies. To begin with I joined the the patches together with a 3.75 crochet hook but afterwards decided the central cross of new squares all looked a bit chubby so I dropped a couple of hooks in size and found a 3.25 hook made a smaller and neater little square.

I used Brittany hooks as they are my favourite crochet hook to use (their knitting needles are also lovely to hand and knit with…..I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a particularly knitter but I’ve got some very fancy knitting needles which I believe will help encourage me to be a better knitter.  I have some pretty coloured vintage needles but my knitting just sticks to them so they are more of a window display than something I’d actually care to use anymore.)


layingtwo strips together


Just because the joined patches were getting a bit cumbersome to work I found it easier to make up halfsies (two patches crocheted together) and then to join those two parts together to make a big square (they come up about the size of a decent sized cushion cover).

Some colour combinations I’m not too sure about but rather unravel any I’m just plowing on (though am trying to be as considerate as I can with my colours.)  I think some of the oddness comes from trying to repeat groupings of colours I used when I was making the grannies paperweight pattern in tapestry wool.

I’ve written so much about this, that the colours available when working with tapestry wool just blend in so well and although some choices didn’t quite sit right, most really glowed and came alive.  I’m really not finding that with the acrylic yarn*, and when I laid my granny scare scarf next to what I’ve made here, the difference was to me very noticeable.  (I will take a photo so you can see what I mean)


joining two strips


Once the two half sides were crocheted together it was much easier to then join those two parts.  Crocheting in the little central squares was actually pretty easy, and I only missed the join a couple of times which meant a quick unravel and then re-crocheting the square in (oh so much less complicated than knitting).  I didn’t mind if colour combinations get repeated at all but do try to make each square sits next to one of a different colour.  This is made much easier by having all the yarn spread around me with a pile of tiny two round squares next to me on the sofa, ready to pick up and join in straight away.

Obviously balls of coloured yarn spread out on the carpet is seen as a great game to some, so when Bernard came strolling in and saw the carpet covered he thought I’d provided him with an afternoons entertainment…….pouncing on and then unravelling around himself** balls of yarn is the very greatest of larks in his book…..


four patches joined


This is one of the finished joined together four patches… can see the “chubby” central cross of squares which I’m hoping will pull into shape and not be quite so noticeable once all the squares are joined together.  This was made before I switched to a smaller hook so I think the other ones I’ve made will look better.  I’ve got 5 of these joined so I’m over halfway (though I have more woolly tails to sew in)……I’m really trying to keep this as my evening “something to do” thing, where I can just pick something up while we watch a film or listen to music….evening light downstairs isn’t good enough to sew by (sewing in the tails is done with a big fat needle which is easily spotted if it is dropped) I’m trying not to get distracted by it to work on at other times when the light is more suitable for embroidery or sewing.

*I totally understand peoples reasons for using acrylic, it’s very easy on the purse or wallet as it’s generally cheap as chips, it washes, and I’m pretty sure it’s good if you have a wool allergy, but I really do prefer working in wool. Reading this back I do sound very fussy and maybe I am, I’ve just gotten to an age where I know what I like and what I don’t.  I much prefer the feel of wool, it’s less sticky on a needle or hook, it doesn’t squeak and also my hair always get very static-y when I’m handling acrylic yarn so in part it is also a vanity thing.

** he also grabs a ball of yarn and runs off with it, it’s then found later all bedraggled in the hallway or wrapped round the legs of chairs and tables.

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