Patchwork plotting for Peggy and Pearl……..

twin star


Stupidly I didn’t check my phone yesterday and just before I went to bed I saw a message with the exciting news that the twins* have arrived.  Yippee….but I still haven’t decided on a design for their quilts yet.

I’ve been playing around with “twin star”, working it on white (but then hesitate as I wonder if that is such a practical colour for babies), mixing it with different coloured nine patch blocks.

I love scrap quilts but at the same time I’m trying to restrain using every colour (or fabric)  under the sun, I want the quilts to be bright and cheery but not so bright they just become a big old mash of colours.  The quilts aren’t going to be huge so I don’t want the colour to overpower the design.


variation on twin star


I then tried out using nine patch blocks which would be the same repeating colour/fabric combination…..and tried it at the same time as colouring the “twin star” background rather than leave it white……. maybe if the background fabric was very pale, but right now I’m preferring the white.


twin star patchwork



Then I decided to go a different way and work the twin star as a block quilt with sashing in between…I love this style of quilt (it’s what I’m slowly planning for “dear ethel”  though she’s more of a sampler being made up of different blocks rather than one repeating.

Last year I made the “churn dash” quilt for baby Ivo, it comprises a series of small “churn dash” blocks and then I used white sashing and assorted fabrics for the intercrossed squares, and that still looks nice in pictures I’ve seen with baby Ivo cuddling it (he’s nearly two so not really baby Ivo anymore).

I had a little play in the margin, colouring the “twin star” in different ways, seeing which combination worked better…and I’m still undecided.  It’s really difficult designing for twins.  I’d like both quilts to match, but look different…but I don’t want one quilt to look nicer than the other.  The fabrics for each quilt will mostly be the same (reproduction fabrics from the 30’s) with a few unique to just one quilt so whatever I make they’ll have those fabrics in common.  It’s a really tricky dilemma.

Being told “make what you like, any colours will be fine” is both the nicest thing to be told but when there is such a variety of blocks and fabrics and colours suddenly it makes designing a quilt feel difficult.  I’m sure this is just me having a bit of one, and if you are reading it are then thinking “what is she on, this sounds like a wonderful commission, she must be nutty”……

*their names are Peggy and Pearl.


7 thoughts on “Patchwork plotting for Peggy and Pearl……..

  1. Your comment: “I’d like both quilts to match, but look different…but I don’t want one quilt to look nicer than the other” is so familiar to me! I have twins, but a boy and a girl so that was easier but it was always a dilemma for me when I made clothes for my two girls when they were little. Your sketches are all equally beautiful so I don’t think you have to worry 🙂

  2. Thanks Janine, you’ve made me feel a lot better, your nice comments always leave me with a big head…I know when I was speaking to their dad he was quite definite that he wanted the quilts to be different, I’ll use a little fabric from the quilt I made their sister Olive the other year, partly because I think it’ll be nice when they are all a bit older and can look at their quilts and see the same fabrics in all three quilts, and then when they are older still and are living away from home (okay am hoping their quilts will be the most cherished little items ever but realise they may easily end up as dog blankets) looking at their quilts will remind them of their sisters and of home…I know that sounds very schmaltzy and ugh inducing but quilts do have that cosy homey inducing feel don’t they.
    I don’t want to make anything too girly as the overuse of pink for girls really does get my goat and I know Peggy and Pearl’s (crumbs, I love those names) mum and dad feel the same.

  3. I don’t envy you trying to balance the need to be different yet similar!!! The patterns are lovely but if I am completely honest I think the one with the white background pops more but hopefully the quilts will become precious, which to a toddlers will mean dragging it around wherever they go!! Maybe replace the white with an off white or really pale yellow. With so much thought and care I am sure they will be gorgeous whatever you choose! Sharon. Xx PS Josh has been tidying his cupboard (he’s getting over the measles, or at least well enough to wind his big sister up, so I thought I would keep him busy!!!) And he found his mosaic book. I know what I shall be doing when I east my lunch!!! Xx

    1. The one I made for big sister Olive apparently is very well cuddled so I know they’ll get used lots day to day (which is why I was initially steering clear of white)…I’ve had a day away form designs and my head feels clearer so hopefully will be able to decide on a design tomorrow then I can order fabric (yay…the only time I get really excited about shopping, unless I’m off to a car boot!)and then get sewing…I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had measles to cope with. I had it for my 5th birthday and from what I remember it was pretty miserable.

      1. Enjoy your shopping!! The only shopping I’ll be doing tomorrow is food shopping 😦 Yes, measles is rather miserable but he had the vaccines as a toddler so I think perhaps he wasn’t as bad as he could have been. He can’t go back to school until Thurs as he is infectious until then so I am thinking of getting him busy crafting tomorrow!! x

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