Peaky Leeky soup……

peeky leeky soup


Peaky* Leeky soup is what I make when I feel the beginnings of a cold starting or when it’s just nippy outside and I need something easy to make that will warm me right down to my toes.

It’s brilliant this time of year as leeks taste best in the winter months (it’s when they are cheapest to buy as well so an extra bonus).

This makes enough for two but throw in a couple more leeks and open another tin of chick peas and it will feed four.


2 medium to large leeks

1 can of chick peas

1 medium potato (if you are making for four then use a bigger one)

olive oil



a bay leaf

fresh thyme

vegetable stock (about 500 ml)


Peel the potato and chop it into small cubes, place in a saucepan and cover with water, allow to simmer until the potato is soft.

Clean the leeks, depending on how dirty they are, strip the outside and trim off any really dark green parts. make sure you clean the leeks really well.  Slice the leeks quite finely using as much dark green as possible.

Pour a good splash of olive oil in to a heavy based stock pot and warm, add a knob of butter…….add the greenest part of the  leeks first and allow to soften before adding the whiter parts of the leek (the green part is fine to use but you need to cut it finer and it takes longer to cook) add the bay leaf to the leeks while they are cooking.

Remove the leaves form the thyme and add them in as well (it is a bit fiddly but gives you something to do while the leeks are cooking)

When the potato has cooked, drain and allow to stand if the leek still needs time to cook.  Drain and rinse the chickpeas.

Add the potato and chickpeas to the leeks, and add some stock.  taste and season….Allow to simmer for a few minutes.

Remove half the soup and blend until it is smooth.  Return the blended soup into the stock pot and stir it all together.  Depending how thick you like your soup to be, add more stock.

Serve with bread and butter.

My friend Anne (who is queen of knitters) came round yesterday, and I made this soup for our lunch.  After soup we went out for a walk over the marshes (not a really long walk as the marshes were a bit muddy as it had been raining the night before) then we came home, got the kettle on and spent the rest of the afternoon with a pot of tea and some biscuits …. I talked while Anne sat knitting socks.

*I’m not sure if everyone uses the expression “peaky”…we used to say it growing up if one of us was at all poorly or sickening for something…… “oh dear, she looked right peaky”…or “I don’t think I should go to school today, I feel a bit peaky”……

8 thoughts on “Peaky Leeky soup……

    1. Aw thank you, it’s just chilly weather sniffles more than anything else….it’s such a nice healthy soup that I can feel it doing me good while eating it…….”peaky”, “nippy”, “catch the pip” are all expressions I grew up hearing from my mum and dad….my favourite one my dad use to say was “blast, that’s a rum looking mauther going past”….(from his chair at the kitchen table he could see the world walking by) xx

    1. Luckily I wasn’t drinking a cup of tea as you’ve made me laugh and I think it would have gone everywhere. So is it “cocklie” if you are feeling under the weather or is that the name of the soup?

      1. Ah, it means to be sick. Love the dialect words up here. But my favourite version of ‘peaky’ is from further north, over the border, ‘peelwally’. Wonderful!

      2. peelwally is just lovely sounding, I think it is how I feel if I have been spinning round on the children’s merry go round behind our house…I don’t do it very often but we take friends with children there and inevitably I have a little spin, the almost fall off feeling absolutely out of it…”peelwally” sums it up perfectly…I love dialect and different regional words…I like a nice Yorkshire accent and soft Scottish ones make me go all smiley and silly ss

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