Granny square crochet patches…….

granny squares


More squeaky and colourful crocheting….I’ve got a couple of baskets piled high with balls of acrylic yarn back from when I first learnt to crochet …..a few years ago there was an amazing textiles centre on St Benedict’s Street in Norwich in St Lawrence’s church (it has been said that Norwich had a pub for every day of the week and a church for every Sunday….now it’s more like a charity shop/antiques centre and junk shop for every weekend)…anyway, the textiles centre was great, it was run by a lovely lady called Ann who gave the most interesting crochet lessons you could imagine….I’ll always remember her sitting there with a cup of Earl Grey tea and saying “ohh it doesn’t matter which hole you stick it in as long as it’s in there” then realising what she’s said and bursting out laughing….but you know, when you are beginning, it doesn’t really matter, as long as your fingers learn the basic movements then you can worry about your stitches later, I don’t think anyone’s first crochet attempts look other than ….unique…….

The acrylic yarn is a proper old selection bought from all over the place, “Stylecraft” brand from Christine on Norwich Market (her face when I first learnt to knit and proudly showed her my attempts at purl “hmm…I’ve never seen anyone purl like that before”….) she’s lovely and friendly and is on her stall in all weathers. (Norwich Market is an outdoor one so the stall holders get pretty cold in the Winter months)……other new balls from cheap and cheerful shops around Anglian Square which is just off Magdalen Street (if you like charity shopping then you really need to come to Norwich and have a proper wander down Magdalen Street, there are umpteen charity shops there along with two big Antique centres which are a treat for the eyes and various other bric a brac shops besides…there are also some fantastic Eastern European grocers, Indian spice shops and a wonderful Iraqi grocers which sells big tubs of the most delicious pistachio halva and beautiful little nougart treats…..)….


little squares


…other odd balls of yarn come from a variety of charity shops, bought and hoarded over the years, mostly purchased in plastic bags where you buy a selection of colours for a pound or so in money.

The nine patch squares are now themselves all finished (there’s 36 for now….I think once they are all joined it will be a good size for throwing over the back of the sofa and then when it’s nippy in the evening we can pull it over our knees (it makes us sound like a pair of pensioners but we’ve both had long drawn out colds this winter, so the thought of another blanket to cosy and cuddle under is much appreciated).

It’s also very bright…..more so than when I’ve used wool in similar hues, wool just seems to blend and soften, even with the brightest of colours…however anything that really jars has been unpicked as I know it will just end up annoying me (I really do try not to be an old fuss pot but I’d rather spend a few minutes unpicking or unravelling than spend hours staring at it, thinking “it just doesn’t look right”……)


selection of coloured grannies


I’ve found myself making up a few little squares inspired by Nanny Mcphee ….I was thinking of those lovely granny squares made with various tones of just a couple of colours, (though because my squares are that much smaller, mine are made up of one colour in different shades)…they are on one of the children’s beds in the first film……….sigh, I’d love that bedroom so much……

I’ve got a little pile growing of first round squares and some already have their second round crocheted.  I’m trying to be very restrained and have promised myself to only make the granny squares needed to join the patches, but not to join the nine square patches together yet…before I join them I want to sew in all the tails.  Partly because if I don’t do it like this those tails may never be sewn in, but also keeping the patches small while sewing in tails will make it seem a little less overwhelming…I’m sure I can sew in the tails of one patch (53) in an evening, and watching the pile of patches to sew shrink, and the pile of patches finished grow will be a good incentive.  It’s what I’m hoping for at any rate.


6 thoughts on “Granny square crochet patches…….

  1. Ah, yes, the Nanny McPhee blanket… I’m making one (four round squares) for my son, because every child needs a Nanny McPhee blanket, dont you think? Love your little squares!

    1. I think everybody needs a Nanny McPhee blanket (there’s times I’d like my own Nanny McPhee)…..I love those films, there’s such beautiful fabric eye candy in them both (and it doesn’t hurt Colin Firth is in the first one)…..I’m sure your son will totally cherish his blanket for many years….anything crocheted here seems to get hogged by the cat, and he can get really bitey when we try to remove him.

  2. I love your bright blocks. You are very good at combining colours. I’m quite a new crocheter and like the ‘unique’ idea. I’m hoping to grow less unique with time! I shall have have to investigate Nanny McPhee 🙂

    1. Hi Janine….you’re kidding right, your crochet is just brilliant. And your knitting makes me really sulky it’s so lovely (My “resolution” for trying to practise knitting if not every day at least once a week hasn’t actually happened yet)…You’ll love Nanny McPhee….both films are so nice (perfect viewing with a pot of tea and some cake and crochet)……..these little squares are really bright, but maybe not quite so in your face as in the photos.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by….I think Norwich is a great city to mooch about, it’s a nice size, not too big…..I’ve always loved coming here, when I was small my Primary School would have day trips to the Castle , Bridewell Museum or Strangers Hall, then as I got older I’d come up to go shopping…my favourite place as a teenager was The Indoor Market on St Benedict’s Street (sadly demolished some years ago) or Head in The Clouds…I like that some of my favourite places always remain so, and then others over the years slowly change……best place for coffee is easily The Little Red Roaster and there is a great artisan bread stall now on the Market…..hope you have a smashing time when you next visit xx

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