Teeny samplers and embroidered business cards……..

green and pink sampler


I’ve found up even more samplers….these were stitched ohhh, maybe 4 Summers ago…..I was all inspired by Fair-isle tanktops (of which I love but as my knitting skills are only very basic I don’t think I’ll be modelling any Fair-isle tops any time soon) and beautifully worked samplers…..this was one of my efforts at combining the two….  it’s a mix of French knots (or colonial knots…this is a link if you are having problems with French knots, a colonial knot looks very similar but is worked a little differently and tend to give a more consistent result, at least I find it does) whipped herringbone (one of my favourite stitches), star stitch, back stitch, lazy daisy and whipped straight stitch……..

The fabric was a lovely piece of vintage wool, it’s very fine and I’ve hand stitched a jaunty little cycling cap for the Arpette using the same fabric.  Threads are an assortment of tapestry and crewel wools….. the little sections embroidered are quite small and all measure about 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches…..


cream and blue sample


When I was embroidering these little samplers I had a couple of new ideas for business cards…please don’t laugh…embroidered business cards…..in my head embroidered business cards were going to be so easy to make…however, spending at least an hour on each one made me rethink that idea…actually a friend, the very talented Zara Gardener scanned one of these and patiently helped me on her computer……(I’m painfully slow at understanding anything technical, and am always frightened I’m going to either break it or make the whole the internet collapse, and if you are shaking your head and thinking “don’t be such a silly, you won’t do that”..well, I am very talented and my ability to break things is quite legendary at home)…use the image on some business cards.  The only down side was the wool blanket fabric I’d embroidered on was really fuzzy so it made the embroidery stitches look a little squiffy when printed…..

The stitches used combine whipped herringbone, French knots, lazy daisy, running stitch and a simple cross stitch…..


green and red sampler


This is my Amelie palette embroidery (I love that film, it’s so beautifully shot and the colours are just gorgeous)…it’s the same variation of stitches as before….I prefer to keep the stitches for these pretty simple, and find they are most effective when you limit the amount of different stitches used…..as always there is my favourite whipped herringbone….a whipped stitch was possibly my first “fancy” stitch I learnt to sew (I’m of an age where I learnt to embroider and sew at school, and it wasn’t a group of little girls sewing together with their heads all bent down…..my Primary school was very small, and in my school year I was, for a large part of it, the only girl.  And I can assure you, the boys were all much neater stitchers than me….actually thinking about it, their knitting all seemed much nicer too….


black fabric sampler


This is possibly my favourite sampler, the fabric is a piece of linen and it was eye-closingly lovely to sew across….the thread used is all Broder Medicis tapestry wool by DMC , it’s incredibly fine and is a delight to sew with…..there used to be a really lovely embroidery shop in Norwich but sadly it closed a few years ago, which was a great shame as it is greatly missed.  The times I used to pop in there during a lunch break to buy a couple of skeins of something or other…it was like a grown up version of a bag of sweeties, but instead of flying saucers, rhubarb and custards, black jacks, and pink shrimp, I’d have a bag full of just as colourful silks and wools.

I love how a little French knot nestles between a couple of lazy daisy stitches and forms a perfect little flower…..

I do intend to finish some of these off and make them up in to needles cases or something…and am wondering whether to do something like this for when I run a workshop for Ruth.

This is the largest worked piece being about 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches high.


4 thoughts on “Teeny samplers and embroidered business cards……..

    1. Hi, thank you, as always you are very kind with your comments…..I actually went on to make a cushion cover with an embroidered section in the middle, for our sofa….blanket fabric wasn’t the best choice as it got all fluffed up and bobbled as Bernard kept rubbing against it.

      1. Seeing Bernard paddy paw and then pluck the grannies paperweight blanket I wonder if I ever really learn….a few years ago I embroidered Moomin troll dancing on a pillow case for my boyfriend, one night of sleep and the lovingly embroidered stitches were fluffed and “antiqued”….oh well x

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