Sunshine and sparkles in a tin…….

tin and sewing needles


Whenever I’m in town I always like to pop into a couple of charity shops.  Norwich is a bit of mecca for Charity shops…..a lot have been overhauled and tarted up so are very different to their Jumble sale pickliness of former days…..and along with Charity shops, there are lots of Junk shops and Antique markets (the sort of place my dad would have said were “full of old truck”….but as I’m an “old truck” loving girl this means I’m often in them having a nose around and seeing what I can find….)

I found these vintage needles in one of the antique markets, the Kirby needles are brilliant, very sharp crewel embroidery needles which are about 4 1/2 cms long so a perfect size and which seem to be impossible to buy new (they all seem far to long for me to work with comfortably….I’ve gotten too used to sewing with tiny quilting needles.) The other packet of needles are a selection of “betweens”, the smallest being just under an inch and impossibly skinny.  Again they are so sharp, and no rust so was very happy.

The other week I found this little tin, I could hear something inside it so opened it really carefully and I’m glad I did….


open box of sequins


Inside were lots of bright and sparkly sequins, really tiny ones and most look and feel like they are old ones (not so plasticy and flimsy as modern ones)…lifting the lid was like finding the sunshine of Summer in a little tin……not really sure what I’ll do with them yet, I don’t use a lot of sequins in my work but I’ve already been thinking of new things to make for the coming Winter’s Christmas fairs and vintage sequins may well work in with those designs very well.



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