Millefiori for the sofa or a grannies paperweight crochet cushion…….

hexagon flower

Even though I still have hundreds (and hundreds) of woolly tails to sew in on both my blanket and scarf, I’m afraid I’ve started yet another project using the lovely grannies paperweight crochet pattern…..this time it’s a cushion (actually a pair of them as I thought they’d look nicer on our sofa as a pair)… I’ve mentioned before, I love this pattern so much, it looks just like those beautiful millefliori glass paperweights or fair-rock sweets from the seventies.

Like the blanket and scarf, I’ve used tapestry wool as I find the colours blend so well, and also the colour choice is much wider than acrylic yarn.  For the best tutorial on making and joining the hexagons I would recommend using the one on Heidi Bears blog, if you can crochet a basic granny square then you can crochet these….just have a pot of tea and some biscuits close to hand and you’ll be fine.

Start off by making and then joining together 7 hexagon flowers (I like mine to join together on the 5th round as I find that size gives a good density of colour).

joined whole hexagons

You then need to make another 6 hexagon flowers and join them around every other hexagon.  I try to mix up the colours as much as possible, though I try to limit the amount of different colours used for each hexagon, preferring to use a variety of tones for greater depth.  (this is one of the great advantages of using tapestry wool, it comes in such a vast array of colours, that mixing different brands means I don’t think any of the hexagons I make are repeated exactly the same….slight variations in hue, shade and tone make the hexagons more jewel like.)

crochet cushion with half hexagons

Next you will need to make 6 half hexagons (this is the way I prefer to make mine, and this is how I join them in)…again they join in on the 5th round.  I’ve found when I work the chains in to the raw edge to neaten off the hexagon side, it can vary how many chains I make…I think it depends somewhat on the thickness of the various wools I have used to make the half hexagon, and generally it ranges between 16-18 chains.

hexagon crochet cushion

And this is what your millefiori cushion will look like once all the half hexagons have been joined into place…..

hexagon cushion

And this is the second cushion….I really couldn’t help myself and had to make two…..originally I had thought to make both sides of the cushion using the millefiori/grannies paperweight pattern, but then I thought about using vintage blanket fabric for the back as I figured that would make removing the cushion insert easier and I’d be able to launder the cover where necessary.

At this stage if you want to, you can sew in some of the tails, though try to avoid sewing in the final tail of the outside round of the hexagons that form the edges (it just makes working into those sections later a bit harder) however, as the tails won’t be on show (like with a blanket or scarf) it isn’t really all that necessary.


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